II Travel Highlight

Costa de Sol

Throughout my time working as a Interval International Liaison, one thing I have noticed is that European vacations are some of the hardest to put together. When I first noticed I started investigating and found that supply and demand are very strong contributing factors to this result, but additionally we just see lower concentration of resorts there.  However, in my research I found that one of the top beach destinations in the world has constant availability through most of the year. This destination is Marbella and the Costa Dorada of Spain.

Specifically, there are two resorts I would not think twice about if given the opportunity to go.  Both offer pretty much the same and are located right on the beach.  Marriott’s Playa Andaluza and Marriott’s Marbella Beach Resort.  Known to be very popular celebrity vacation destinations these two resorts provide high end luxury for the best trade value. Right on the Baleric sea and at the end of the Mediterranean one can guarantee that the gastronomy is AMAZING! The fresh seafood and Spanish culture combine to bring you traditional dishes such as Paella, Stuffed Olives and Fish Bocadillos (sandwiches).  Everything about this location is amazing.  If you’d like to hear more please contact our Interval International Liaison Team here in Breckenridge.