Interval International Deposits – How Do They Work?

Let’s review some basics about how Interval International (II) works and the steps you need to take before you can book an Exchange.

Step 1

If you have a floating week ownership at one of our properties, you should always book your owner week as early as your booking system allows. You can find details about your booking system and calendars of weeks here.

Reserving a week is necessary whether you are planning to come to Breckenridge or want to book a trip through Interval instead.

Step 2

As soon as you have your owner week booked through Breckenridge Grand Vacations, you can deposit this reservation into your Interval account. You can deposit it yourself online (, but we encourage you to call the Breckenridge Grand Vacations Interval Support team at 877.453.4440. We can assist you with getting the best deal when depositing your weeks into Interval International.

In this step, you provide Interval International with the details of your reservation, including the check-in date, reservation number, and unit size you will deposit. When you deposit your owner week you relinquish this reservation to Interval; essentially you “throw” this reservation into the Interval International pool so another II member can book a trip to Breckenridge using your original owner’s week.

Depositing your reservation is comparable to depositing a check into your bank account before you can withdraw money from an ATM – something must go in before you can take anything out of your account. Likewise, before you can book an Exchange week through Interval you must give them a week from your ownership in Breckenridge.

Step 3

If you have a Club Interval Gold membership, you can choose to deposit your week as points, where Interval assigns a certain point value to your owner week based on the season and size of the unit, or “traditionally,” where you deposit a week and can book a week in a similar sized unit. With a basic membership, you can only deposit “traditionally.”

As soon as you complete the deposit you are free to book an Exchange anywhere in the Interval International network for any time in the year. You are no longer limited to the season of your ownership at Breckenridge to take a vacation and you are free to travel anywhere in the world, including back here to Breckenridge in a different season.

Generally, the points or the deposits expire two years after the check-out date of the reservation that you deposited to book an Exchange through Interval.

We would love for you to call your Interval Support team to figure out what exotic destinations you may be able to book through your II membership!

Next month we will review some questions that often come up regarding deposits. Feel free to send us questions that you would like to see answered.

If you have any questions regarding depositing your reservation or anything else related to Interval, please feel free to reach out to us at 877.453.4440. We are always happy to assist you.