E-Plus Flexibility

Here in Breckenridge, we find that the early spring and late fall often have some good snow for skiing and snowboarding. Coincidentally, we also find that these are some of the most deposited weeks throughout the year, creating high availability for Vacation Exchanges with Interval International. Many owners know this and book to take advantage of these ski weeks, but what happens if a larger unit becomes available after a reservation gets made?

The truth is that changes must be made within the first 24 hours of booking a Vacation Exchange. Unless, of course, you purchase E-Plus with your Exchange. For $59, E-Plus allows you to re-trade your unit up to three times. You can change the location, week or unit size. While we have seen this product save many owners in the past when their circumstances change unexpectedly, we find its most valuable aspect to be the re-trade option. Say your exchange is for a one-bedroom that is inside 60 days and a larger unit becomes available. You can re-trade into it for no additional cost!

For more information on Vacation Exchanges and E-Plus, contact your Breckenridge Interval International team!