Interval International

Resort Name: Livyd Angra dos Reis Complexo Reserva do Mar

Resort Rating: Premier

Location: Brazil, Rio De Janeiro

Check-in Day: Saturday

Nearest Airport: Rio de Janeiro (130 miles)

Have you been dreaming of exploring the jungle coastlines of South America? Livyd (Live Your Dream) Angra Dos Reis is your ticket to Brazilian Paradise. Livyd Resort has a Premier rating with Interval International and hosts 241 One- and Two-bedroom residences connected with the Hotel Do Bosque in Angra Dos Reis. Livyd overlooks the Mambucaba River with 74 acres of lush native forest and 1.8 miles of private beach. Modern amenities include full-service restaurants, bars, swimming pools and fitness center available to guests.

130 miles south of the City of Rio de Janeiro, Livyd Angra Dos Reis is nestled in the jungles of Bahia Da Illha Grande, home to 365 Islands and thousands of pristine beaches. The largest Island in the region, Illha Grande, has one of the largest concentrations of shipwrecks in the world and is one of the most sought-after locations for diving and snorkeling in Brazil.

Livyd is not only safe and luxurious but sits in the ideal location for exploring the surrounding area, located halfway between the city of Angra and the historic city of Paratay. Paratay is a Brazilian cultural and gastronomic gem with hundreds of restaurants, many installed in historic mansions along cobblestone streets. This is one of the oldest and most historic regions of Brazil and Paratay is well preserved and set against the idyllic backdrop of the Atlantic Coast.