Mineral Hill Trail

Trail name: Mineral Hill Trail

Trail length: .9 miles, round trip

Trail difficulty: Moderate/Hard

Elevation gain: 400 ft.

Best time to hike: June to October for hiking

Good for: Hikers that can handle steep terrain

Dog friendly: Yes, but must be on leash

Starting trailhead: Mineral Hill Trail

The Mineral Hill trail is a primarily black-rated, difficult trail that gains 400 feet in elevation over .45 miles and is designated for hiking only. While it isn’t a long hike, it does offer great views on the Wellington Ore Bin, French Gulch and the Tenmile Range. The trail out and back is a total of .9 miles.

To access the trail, park at the B&B Trailhead and cross the road to find the trailhead. Enjoy a dirt trail lined with Aspens and Lodgepoles. The trail gains elevation quickly with rock steps built into the path. Be careful to watch your footing and provide assistance to those who may need it.

Once you reach the top, you can head back down the Mineral Hill trail, or you can opt to keep exploring. Minnie Mine trail is a great way to extend this hike or take a less strenuous way down the hill.

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