MTN AXE Breckenridge

If you are looking for a unique and empowering activity to escape the cold- MTN AXE is the place for you! Channel your inner lumberjack and blow off some steam with your entire group. Make axe-throwing part of your next Breckenridge vacation tradition!

Axes have been around for as long as we have been making tools. At around 400-500 AD the first throwing axes were created for use as projectiles- for hunting and protecting. The sport of axe-throwing expanded from backyards to small communities and beyond. This unique sport has been a part of lumberjack competitions since the early 1800’s and continues to grow. There is even a global World Axe Throwing League! Today, you can find axe-throwing venues all over the world including right here in Breckenridge!

MTN AXE Breckenridge


  • Location: 105 S. Main Street, Breckenridge, CO 80424
  • Hours: Daily, 11:00 a.m.-9:00 p.m.
  • Group Size: Up to 65 people! For large groups contact
  • Age Limit: 10+ years
  • Cost: $45 per person

What To Expect:

Check-In! Your MTN Host will confirm your reservation and make sure that everyone has signed their electronic waiver

Safety First! Your MTN Guide will lead you to the target area. For about five minutes, they will teach your group about safe axe handling and give a throwing tutorial.

Throw! Your MTN Guide will show you the best way to accurately hit your target. Get your throwing motion locked in and try out a few different ways to score points.

Win! Compete with your group for the top score. Winner gets to bring home the score sheet and bragging rights.

Smile! Remember your experience with a final group photo. MTNAxe will send you home with your own electronic photo album.

Safety & FAQs

Clothing: Closed-toed shoes are required. No loose clothing. Brimmed hats discouraged.
Masks: Not currently required
While Throwing:

  • Never enter throwing area without MTN Guide permission
  • Never cross throwing line
  • Never throw until adjacent lane has completed throw
  • Never leave throwing lane with axe
  • Listen to MTN Guides for technique and rules!

Beverages not allowed in cages
No roughhousing/horseplay
Arrive sober
No smoking allowed