Refresh Spa Logo- colorBreckenridge sits high at 9,600 feet and as a result has significantly less atmospheric pressure than many owners and visitors are accustomed too.  After arriving in Summit County some people may experience a multitude of symptoms caused by altitude sickness as the body cannot uptake as much oxygen as it can at sea level or altitudes below 7000 ft.

In order to help folks combat their altitude-related symptoms Refresh Spa at the Grand Timber Lodge has added new altitude adjustment treatments and oxygen inhalation to its extensive menu of services.

Tension Relief Massage (50 minutes): A customized massage with a 20 minute concentration on reducing inflammation, fatigue, and tension in the head, neck, and shoulders paired with a 30 minute Focus Massage of corrective therapy on problem areas.

Altitude Relief Massage (80 minutes): A full body massage designed to help the body adjust to high elevation using Clear My Head products, which ease away sinus and headache pressure.  The service includes a 30 minute concentration on reducing inflammation, fatigue, and tension in the head, neck, and shoulders as well as a 50 minute Swedish Massage with oxygen inhalation.

Sinus and Headache Relief Enhancement (15 minutes): An addition to any massage which alleviates sinus and headache pressure often caused by high altitude.

All of these treatments use techniques and products from Clear My Head to enhance breathing, soothe headaches, decrease sinus pressure, and more.  Essential oils are selected according to the individual’s needs and each service is customized to ensure immediate relief of high altitude symptoms.

Oxygen inhalation is administered to guests in half hour and hour long increments, where a full hour is most recommended for improvement.  Summit County locals’ blood oxygen levels rest around 95 percent and ideally visitors should also be at this level to avoid negative symptoms.  Guests may receive oxygen at Refresh Spa while relaxing in the tranquility lounge or during any massage or nail treatment.

If you or anyone you know is interested in booking an appointment or hearing more about Refresh Spa’s treatments or oxygen inhalation please stop by the spa, visit, or call 970-547-3624.

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