OneBGV: December

Whether owner or employee, we are all a part of the BGV family! This OneBGV segment gives our employees a chance get to know our owners and vice versa. With our BGV Family Spotlight we highlight an employee and an owner each month. For a chance to win $50 Reward Dollars, owners can visit the Owners Only segment below and fill out the form. We will choose one winner every month! Be sure to read the previous month’s entries to get to know your fellow owners!

BGV Family Spotlight

Employee Spotlight

This month’s employee spotlight is Edward Calderon! Here is a little bit more about Edward:

Version Espanol: 

  • Cual es su trabajo con BGV? Desde hace cuantos años?: Supervisor en GC8 hace un par de meses previó a eso fui housekeeping
  • Cual es la parte favorita de su trabajo? Conocer, aprender e interactuar con todo el equipo/Familia de BGV.
  • Cosa favorita para hacer afuera de su trabajo? Jugar al fútbol, tomar fotografías
  • Por que se mudó a Breckenridge? Me parece una comunidad excepcional, cariñosa y acogedora.
  • Cual es el lugar favorito al que has viajado? De mi país de origen (Nicaragua) la isla de Ometepe, en EEUU no tengo mucho tiempo así que no he tenido la oportunidad de conocerlo. Sin embargo El Royal Gorge Bridge me ha parecido fantástico
  • Finalmente, hay algo mas que le gustaria compartir con nuestra familia BGV? Estoy encantado de pertenecer a esta familia y espero esta experiencia dure mucho tiempo. La compañía y sus jefes son maravillosos. Todos los programas de apoyo, sustentabilidad… entre otros. La oportunidad de crecer tanto en puestos, ascender como en lo laborar y personal. BGV te hace una mejor persona y puede modificar la forma de ver la vida para bien. Soy aficionado de la fotografía y me encanta fotografiar el resort

English Translation: 

  • What is your role with BGV? For how long?: Supervisor at GC8; a few months ago, I was in housekeeping
  • Favorite part of your job? Meet, learn, and interact with the entire BGV team/family
  • Favorite thing to do outside of work? Play soccer, photography
  • What made you move to Breckenridge? I find it an exceptional, caring, and welcoming community.
  • What is your favorite place you have traveled to? From my country of origin (Nicaragua), the island of Ometepe, I don’t have much time in the U.S., so I haven’t had the opportunity to know it. However, the Royal Gorge Bridge seemed fantastic to me.
  • And last, anything else you would like our owners to know about you? I am delighted to belong to this family, and I hope this experience lasts a long time. The company and managers are wonderful. All of the supportive programs, sustainability…among others. The opportunity to grow both in positions, as well as work and personally. BGV makes you a better person and can change the way you see life for the better. I am fond of photography, and I love photographing the resort.

Owner Spotlight

This month’s owner spotlight is Robert DeSoto and Debra McMullen! Robert and Debra have been owners with BGV for two decades! They are owners of Gold Point Resort and Grand Lodge on Peak 7. Here is a bit about the Desoto/McMullen family:

  • What is your favorite place you have traveled to? – We like to golf and play in the sun so Phoenix area is a favorite. We also enjoy the West and have spent time in Grand Lake, Durango, Telluride, as well as New Mexico, South Dakota, Minnesota and Utah. We’re thinking about going to Europe but it’s hard to give up staying in our beautiful area.
  • How long have you been owners with Breckenridge Grand Vacations? Been owner at Grand Lodge at Peak 7 since 2011 but Gold Point since 2002.
  • What property or properties do you own? – Gold Point Resort, Grand Lodge on Peak 7
  • What made you join the BGV Family? – Love the location of GL7 relative to the ski area, the great facilities available there and closeness to home. The staff is always friendly and they go out of their way to be great hosts. The value of our ownership weeks is also a great asset for trading through Interval International or renting.
  • What is your favorite thing about your ownership? – Being able to take advantage of Day Use benefits and the friendly service received. We always feel like we’re in a special place and it is very relaxing to be there.
  • What is your favorite restaurant in Breckenridge? – We end up cooking a lot on the many grills available to us but Windy City pizza is a frequent stop as is the Blue Moose.
  • Anything else you would like to share about yourself or your ownership? –We feel fortunate to live near such great places and always feel like it’s a special time together.
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