Anastasia S

We love Peak 7 and being able to bring our dogs. Favorite runs are right outside our doorstep. Friendly staff. No regrets upgrading from Grand Timber. –Anastasia Maria Sdanowich

Angel Cardon

Peak 7 right outside GLP7 so our daddy can take snowboarding breaks to eat lunch and play in the snow! –Angel Cardon

Bob Wood

Peak 6 is awesome! –Bob Wood

Cathy V

Any run, anytime, beautiful mountain. –Cathy Verbrugge

Chantel Bernstein

Peak 7 because the entire family can enjoy the runs on 7 together. –Chantel Bernstein

Chris Greer

Peak 7 … It is home for my family one week per year! –Chris Greer

Cindy S

Peak 10. –Cindy Fielding Sensabaugh

Colby Foos

Lulu in Horseshoe Bowl. My favorite steep spot to ski with my kids … snow is always great there! –Colby Foos

Coleen Renee

Nirvana on Peak 6 on a powder day makes me feel like I’m flying. –Coleen Renee

Dave Moore 1

Peak 7! It has fun, smooth rides with amazing views. Plus, the Grand Lodge is the first place we took our husky pup when we got him a few years ago, and it’ll be the first place we take our child. Which is due tomorrow! –Dave Moore

Emily McGehee

Peak 7 because of the natural design of the trails. –Emily Reed McGehee

Franki C

I love Peak 6! I like to warm up on Peak 7 and then head over to Peak 6 to challenge myself. –Franki Coulter

Helen U

Peak 9. –Helen M. Ullery Scott

Holly B

It doesn’t matter the peak or the run … THIS is what it’s all about! Aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, and cousins all crammed together on the Colorado lift and having a blast! –Holly Warren Buchholz

Jamie Recio

Peak 8, where you can make a few snow angels after your first ski lesson! –Jamie Recio

Jeff Johnson

Peak 7! Love the wide open space and rolling hills. –Jeff Johnson

Jennifer R

Peak 7, of course! The best location on the mountain – you can’t get any closer to a lift, the amazing staff at GL7, high-end amenities with comfortable beds and a great kitchen, watching the sunset from the hot tubs, the spa treatments, happy hour with music in the lobby, and most importantly, our dogs can stay with us on site! Owning at GL7 is the best decision we ever made. Our trips to Breckenridge never disappoint, and the memories we make will last a lifetime! –Jennifer Britt Rubach

Jodie Lee

Peak 7, baby!!! Every time! –Jodie Lee

Jonathan W

Peak 6! Fun, varied, and challenging terrain. Usually it’s less traveled, which makes finding fresh snow and some solitude easier! –Jonathan Woodruff

Karie King

Love Peak 7! –Karie King

Kristy J

Peak 7 for sure! –Kristy Jurik Swearengin

Kurt P

Peak 9 is where my son improved his skiing skills. –Kurt Pflock

Larry Spehar

Peak 8 my son’s first trip to the top. –Larry Spehar

Laurie Weisensee

Great memories Peak 7. –Laurie Weisensee

Lindsay Slovek

Back side of Peak 6, looking forward to some riding on Saturday! –Lindsay Slovek

Marc Bryan

Ore bucket, because of its steep trees and pockets of fresh powder all season long. Also, my 8-year-old loves skiing the black diamonds! –Marc Bryan

Mark Dennis

Spruce on Peak 8 or Gold King on Peak 9 … because they both offer a long, steep, fast powder run for my girls and me to get warmed up for the day! –Mark Dennis

Maryann McMenamin Bowles

Peak 6 because it rocks, and Peak 7 because you can cruise! Love it! –Maryann McMenamin Bowles

Matthew Campanella

Everyone loves Peak 7! –Matthew Campanella

Nick Miller

Peak 6 for sure. Love Breckenridge! –Nick Miller

Rob Royer

Peak 6! – Rob Royer

Sonja M

I like Peak 9! Great family memories are made at Grand Timber & Breck! –Sonja Madlinger

Thomas E

Peak 7 because we have little ones. –Thomas Enright

Although Breckenridge Ski Resort is the main attraction while on a winter vacation, there are still plenty of other activities to keep you busy. Activities range from snowmobiling, snowshoeing, or zip-lining to painting, wine tasting, or soaking in the hot tubs. No matter what your activity level, there is an option for you.

What is your favorite non-skiing-related activity? For a chance to win 50 Reward Dollars, comment below or email Pictures are encouraged!

Take a look at some favorite peaks and trails other owners look forward to skiing! Congratulations to Dave Moore on winning 50 Reward Dollars last month and the birth of his baby boy!

Peak 7 because it’s beautiful, it’s fun, it’s well cared for, it ends in a slope side extravaganza of pools, hot tubs, good food and drink that anyone would love, and … We own there! –Laurie Stolen

Peak 7! Monte Cristo run! It’s a great run that has a little bit of everything for the family! A few bumps, woopie-da-doos, some trees, and short steep sections. We can ride it all day long and find something new each time! –Jess Skelton Hindman

Peak 7 … so beautiful and close to GL7! –Laura Powell Johnson

Peak 7, it’s a great family run. –Connie Wood

Peak 7 with the family and Peaks 6 and 10 for more steep and speed sections. –Greg Eslinger

Peak 7. I can walk out the door and ski down to the lift! –Jesse Baker

I love Peak 10 and especially Cimmaron Trail. This single black diamond groomer is fast and steep with fun rollers; perfect for speed demons and for blue skiers who want to up the challenge. –Nancy Cooper

Peak 6 as it offers more difficult terrain interspersed with intermediate. –Thomas Mitchell

Peak 7 … easiest access with ski in, ski out! –Erin Williamson

We love Peak 7 and then enjoying the hot tubs, pools, and food! –Kelli Evans

We love Peak 7, with its rolling blue runs that feel like you’re riding a roller coaster! Whee! Also one of the reasons we love Grand Lodge so much – easy access to our favorite runs! –JC Ferraz

Imperial Lift on Peak 8. But I am not going to share my run. –Thad Schiele

Peak 7. The groomers for the family and Ore Bucket for me. –Carlos Hernandez

Peak 6 If you get up there early enough after a snow fall and the clouds are still hanging on the peaks of the mountain Range the view is Amazing and and the sun starts to come out it begins to burn off the cloud and your are graced with this amazing Blue bird day. oh yea the skiing up high the runs are technical and wide open also there are cruising run s for intermediate skier’s. peak 6 a slice of heaven. –Ed Wrubel

Peak 7, Angel’s Rest. Always gives me confidence for the rest of the day, and it’s a beautiful run! –Chris Stelplugh

Peak 9…. The lift lines are not always clogged.–Amy Roberts

I am in love with Peak 6….the terrain and the view is amazing. I feel like I am on top of the world while on Peak 6! –Kristen Meyer

Peak 7 is away from the crowd and intermediate. –Yunus Harris

Every year I know the season is really underway when we get entrance to the “Way Out” on Peak 8. This natural half pipe always has powder in it due to the way the wind blows. My favorite memory is the day in 2011 when Breck got 26 inches. I think we might have felt we were in heaven! –Isabelle DeSilver

Northstar. Great view, wide open and you can get some great speed. –Aaron Layton

Peak 7 has some wonderfully long blue cruisers. –Jim Johnson

Peak 7 because it is right out the door! –Cindi Boyer Dugger

Love the Nordic Center and all the amazing trails. –Cathy Casey

We love them all. First time there last year, and we are coming back this year. Live, love Breckinridge! The Aussies. –Rita Barbagallo

The Windows, because I like a challenge. –Aaron Atherton

I have to say I enjoy all the runs on Peak 6 and 7! I’m still skiing – that’s what counts! –Marice

We love Peak 7 and Peak 6. It’s so convenient from Grand Lodge on Peak 7. –Nancy Johnston

Love Peak 7, smooth and not crowded! –Tiffany Sniderman Moore

Peak 8 is great. –Maria Veronica Casados

My wife and I skied peak 6 two years ago and I really did not get to experience it like I would like. Last year my youngest daughter and I skied peak 6 toward the end of our week and we both had a great time sking Iit run after run. This was her first time sking in colorado and she just loved it. We are headed out to our condo next week, daughter in tow and she can’t stop talking about skiing peak 6 again. –Gus Helm

Love the steeps on Peak 10! –Diana Carlino Coffey

Peak 7 because it’s family friendly! –Dawn Hajost Matthews

Peak 6! I love the bowls. –Cristiano von Simson

Whale’s Tale – it’s on top of the world, steep, fun and no bumps or crowds! –Samantha Tanenholtz

Peak 7! –Kimberly Locke Mowat

I love Peak 8. Or any other. ALL great at Breckenridge. –Joye Fuller


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    Our family loves to go up in the summer and take bike rides down the road into town for breakfast and after we hit the bike trails we ride the gondolas back up, bikes and all. 🙂

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