Win Your Dream Activity in Breck!

Happy Holidays! We hope everyone enjoyed the holiday season and is looking forward to the New Year. Let’s kick off 2020 by giving an owner the chance to win something special!

Tell us about something you have always wanted to try while in Breckenridge for a chance for you and a friend/family member to do that special activity.

For example, would you like to take a dinner sleigh ride, a guided snowmobile trip or go dog sledding? Tell us about your dream activity and who you would be bringing along with you below!

Enter Below!

December Owners Only Winner

December Owner Only winner was Linda Meshkati Chetkof

Check out Linda’s story below:

Making Swedish pepparkakor (cookies) is our favorite tradition. That’s me in the left photo making them when I was 2 in 1969…and fifty (!) years later it’s my daughter in the right photo making them. Traditions!!