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The snow is falling and the mountain continues to get snowier and snowier. With Thanksgiving right around the corner, what are your family’s Thanksgiving traditions?

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October Owners Only Winner

Congratulations to Michelle Normandin, the October Owners Only winner!

“For us, it’s soccer time! We are so fortunate that our kids are back to school, and we’ve been able to participate in “normal” activities, including dance lessons, Girl Scouts, and soccer! Games have been nice to enjoy on these glorious fall Saturdays!”


Clair Diones

 I love this season because we don’t feel rushed to get the family out the door to hike or ski. I love bringing my girlfriends up for some a later day hike, spa time, cooking together and good laughs.

Sabrina Segal

My favorite thing to do is try all the cute little restaurants in downtown Breck! And hangout at the hot tub in Grand Peak 8!

Misti Petrie

The shoulder season in Breckenridge is one of our favorite! The weather is perfect for a hike to see the Breckenridge Troll, a craft in the activity center, and swimming in the uncrowded pools. We love Breck this time of year!

Amy Sterkenburg

Fish, hike and see the beautiful colors, shop on main street, take pictures and create memories!

Larry Brokaw

Go and see what God has Blessed all of us in Colorado Give God the Glory Larry

Joshua Nelson

Easy! Hike, Bike, and Sight See! The area is sooo beautify and the wildlife are sooo full of life this time of year! Getting ready for winter! <3 [/av_content_slide] [av_content_slide title='Richard Ramey' heading_tag='' heading_class='' link='' linktarget='' av_uid='av-tci6gog'] Hiking in high country, especially early Fall. [/av_content_slide] [av_content_slide title='Zdenek Stafl' heading_tag='' heading_class='' link='' linktarget='' av_uid='av-snurvio']

Hiking the numerous trails all over Breckenridge. The views are absolutely breathtaking. The cool temperature along with the clear skies make Summit County an exciting vacation spot year around!

Brian Hamilton

Sitting back and relaxing at the hot tubs!!!

Patricia Mullen

Definitely leaf-peeping! The colors take your breath away. Also, it’s a perfect time of year for hiking and biking. Temps are absolutely the best and weather is reliable.

Dan Hensley

Our favorite thing to do is come to the mountains to hike among the fall colors.

Lee Taylor

Head out with the family and gather just enough to build the first snowman of the year!

Shirley Thompson

I love to hike trails and enjoy the fall air and colors.

Susan Brown

Hiking, definitely!

Courtney Leigh

I love hiking and enjoying our beautiful outdoors. It is so peaceful to be outside in nature.

Diane TeGrotenhuis

Since there is still plenty of sunshine and the weather is not too cold, we like to take our e-bikes and enjoy the many paved bike trails. And then, at the end of the day, soak our sore muscles in the Grotto or in one of the beautiful hot tubs! We love Breckenridge all year long, and in every season!

Anne Berrodin

Relax and watch the weather as the beautiful changes take place.

Sharon Miller

Hiking and shopping fill me up! I also love working out and relaxing In the hot tubs. Self care during getaways always improves my resiliency.

Barry Colby

Driving around Colorado taking pictures of the Colorado mountains.

Molly Hodges

My family likes to go to Breckenridge and relax in the outdoor hot tubs and have weekend family time 🙂

Tom Watkins

In Texas, visiting wineries, hill country hiking.

Allison Spake

Go to the beach! Seriously, if I’m in town, probably just fish.

Scott Eastmnan

We are currently staying at Breck right now…. We’ve had a great time hiking. There’s less people and the sights are gorgeous. Especially at Blue Lake.

Sheri Hopkins

Walk the town and enjoy.

Michelle Normandin

For us, it’s soccer time! We are so fortunate that our kids are back to school, and we’ve been able to participate in “normal” activities, including dance lessons, Girl Scouts, and soccer! Games have been nice to enjoy on these glorious fall Saturdays!

Henrietta Kelly

Walk through Breckenridge in the cool air and enjoy the scenery.

Robert Woodworth

Mt. Bike and watch football at Mile High Stadium.

Kathy Hrgich

Go hiking and discovering new places to visit.

Mark Angelo

We love to go Jeeping!

Barbara Fox

Hiking is always a favorite of mine! Especially when the temperatures cool down and the leaves are that beautiful golden glow.

Duene Northagen

Ride my Goldwing motorcycle.

Shirley Rudd

My favorite thing to do during this season is seat by an outdoor fire and look at the stars.

Garry Mattox

Hiking surrounded by the colors of Fall.

Anne Feeney

My favorite thing to do is hike up Snowflake Trailhead to the Sawmill Reservoir! It’s beautiful all seasons, but Fall takes the prize.

Sarah Allen

The last few weeks of fall are spent doing lots of hiking and biking. We might have an extra layer of clothing, but it’s still beautiful outside. We’re enjoying plenty of mountain time and soaking up fewer crowds during the slow season.

LeeAnne Sheets

We love to travel around Colorado. It is not as busy as the summer and winter seasons and our state is a treasure trove of beautiful places and amazing sights. We love to pick places we have never been to explore and learn.

Jennifer Holt

We love all things Breckenridge, but during our fall/winter trips we always drive around just to take in the beauty of the area. We stop to take photographs, ride bikes, or sit with a cup of coffee and just ENJOY the beautiful mountains and wildlife.

Jo-Ann Anzur

My favorite thing to do is take my grandchildren over to see the trains.

Ellen Staton

Hiking with my dog! This is one of the lakes at the base of Quandary on the NW side, a new one for me. I love to go on old favorites and try new hikes.

Bernadette Amaya

My favorite thing to do is to just sit outside and enjoy my surroundings and reflect about what I am thankful for.

Alicia & Jack Zika

My husband & I plan for our getaway to the Colorado mountains with great eagerness. The Breckenridge scenery and setting is a must see. He plans what pictures he will paint while he has the time not afforded at home. To return to our rooms at both Peak 7 and 8 is like “coming home.” However, this pandemic has put a krink in our plans. See you next year.

Ronald Fisher

I really enjoy beer! Not only beer, but that black as dirt, stick a fork in it stout…thick as Brezhnev’s eyebrows and strong as Rosanne’s corset. The type of beer needed to celebrate the end of a long hot summer of drinking Arnold Palmers and Coors Light on the golf course. Before the white stuff flies, a fella needs to shed the pretense of dressing in Tommy Bahamas, crack open drinkable motor oil, get naked as hell, paint oneself blue and dance around an October fire … just to prepare for skiing…Howl at the Halloween Blue moon, say to Hell with 2020, and get liquored up like a college freshman at his first Phi Gamma Delta party. Oh, I prepare for the season and do not take it lightly! I do not shoulder the season between fall and winter, I use my whole body…and hope to Gawd that someone will help with the preparation! Cheers!

Sheila Palevsky

Hike, pick apples, take a bike ride sorry no pix since I am stuck inside due to Covid precautions…no vacations now

Laura Morales

We love to come and walk around town or take a kid-friendly hike, swim at the pool and have a tasty dinner at one of our favorite restaurants.

Kelly Sieber

Outdoor activities.

Suzette Riddle

My job requires high cardio and movement, so at age 55 one of my favorite things to do during the shoulder season between fall and winter is to relax and enjoy the landscape in the fabulous hot tubs at Grand Lodge!! What a treat and a mental boost.

Elyse Hutchinson

Sit in the hot tub, read a book and enjoy a warm beverage!

Meg Bonnichsen

Hike and see all the waterfalls.

Deb Yenchick

We like to hike in the state parks and other wilderness areas Enjoy the trees changing, cooler weather and hopefully see some wildlife.

Maryann Bowles

Roast marshmallows and sit by the open fires!! Hot tub of course, under the full moon. We can become foodies during that time and explore all the good restaurants & bars in Breckenridge while the crowds are low! Shop ! Take walks on some easy trails too!

Erik Pierpont

We love to hike around town.

Todd & Diane Lillard

Fall is my favorite season and time of the year. I love the colors, and I love to take a drive into the mountains, and of course, a trip to Breckenridge for some time to relax. I love the slow pace of this time of the year before the rush of the snow season. I love the smells of this time of the year and the crispness in the air, along with the coolness of the temps and the glorious blue color of the Colorado sky. You cannot find that color in the sky in any other place in the world!

Deborah Meyer

Our family loves observing the change in seasons, breathing in the crisp fall air and playing in the leaves! We cannot wait to see the change in leaves in Breck this fall. Thanks for welcoming us into the BGV family 🙂

Julie Sauter

The changing of the seasons is always a delight to behold. I like the cooler days for hikes and having a glass of wine in the evenings.

Leigh Flanagin

Visit downtown, movie binge in the theatre, spa, sit Fireside and watch the fox say hello, visit Issac!

Sharon Herzog

Drive around and look at the fall leaves changing colors.

LeRae Schnickel

We just returned home from enjoying four peaceful days at Breckinridge Grand Timber. We spent time walking the path along the creek headed to Frisco. The Fall colors were still splendid and we soaked in the views and the sun. We were impressed with Isak the Troll! Strolling through stores for unique gifts and sipping coffee with muffins is always a pleasure in Breckinridge.

Andrea & Jeff Fowler

We love hiking the trails around Breckenridge enjoying the beautiful autumn colors under a clear blue sky with leaves falling all around. With so many trails to enjoy just out the front door of the resorts, or after a quick drive up Boreas Pass or any of the other small roads in the area, we can hike a different trail every day and relish the gorgeous views and the opportunity to see deer, moose and other wildlife. Of course, fly fishing is great on the Blue, and the bike trails go forever. After a long day, we stop at one of the local breweries to sample refreshing drafts of beer, followed by a delicious meal in town – so many delectable choices! Breckenridge has it all and we still have yet to see and do everything.

Kathy Shivers

Go to grandkids’ baseball and soccer games.

Abby Shearer

Even though it’s getting chilly, it’s still the perfect time to go explore and discover tranquility and beauty out on the mountain trails!

Donald Peterson

Hike the trails and visit restaurants and shops in the city.

Robert Ragsdale

Seeing the fall colors and enjoying the outdoor with the fresh air. Seeing some of the locals is even a great bonus too.

Steve Kuhfeldt

Wine tasting and chill.

Laureen Sharps

I love to hike and bike the trails in Summit Co. I enjoy the local restaurants and bars on Main Street and others.

Sara Carter

Hiking the hanging lakes trail and then going to iron mountain hot springs afterwards.

Tina Lattimer

Walk in the cool brisk air.

Marie Dabis

Enjoy the hot tubs 🙂