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2020 has been a year like no other. Plans were forced to change and vacations may have been put on hold. While the year looked different, there were still great memories that were made.

What are some of your favorite memories your family made in 2020? Whether at home or in Breckenridge, we want to hear about what brought smiles to your families faces this year.

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Congratulations to Jayne Dougherty, the November Owners Only winner!

“Gathering all the kids to play the Saran Wrap ball challenge game. We wrap a variety of objects in a roll of Saran Wrap and The kids take turns with time limits set to unwrap the ball to get the treasures. We also have an adult version of the Saran Wrap ball challenge game with goodies such as lottery tickets, shooter bottles, car air fresheners, movie tickets etc. wrapped in the Saran Wrap. The competition is fierce in all the games!! :)”

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Nathan Simpson

The whole family eats our Thanksgiving dinner then goes to Castle Rock, CO star lighting ceremony.

Kerry Johnson

Gathering at the table and saying the things we are blessed with in our lives and over the past year.

Rick Kervin

Dinner at our house w family and baseball game in cul de sac.

Bernadette Amaya

Friendsgiving… our door is always open to our closest and dearest friends. We love sharing a feast that includes turkey and a ham with all the standard delicious sides. We also will cook a meal for a local fire station.

Julia Magnasco

Our family’s Thanksgiving tradition is heading to Breckenridge for early season skiing and having Thanksgiving dinner at Briar Rose…always finishing dinner with their four layer chocolate cake. Being together and in the mountains really allows us to understand the true meaning of Thanksgiving, as we give gratitude for each other, this beautiful earth, and all the wonderful people we have met and experiences we have had along the way. We have made so many Thanksgiving memories in Breckenridge – both on and off the slopes – and we plan to make many more. We’ll see you in another week, Breckenridge – we can’t wait!

Duane Northagen

Gather with my wife’s brothers, sisters and all of the nieces and nephews and their kids annually for Thanksgiving. This is normally 30+ people but unfortunately this year Covid has forced us the to cancel.

Ronnie Jackson

We take are whole family to a condo or house up to Breckenridge and make Thanksgiving dinner and then go skiing or play games with the kids.

David Day

Smoked turkey in the Big Green Egg with family and games.

Terry Murrell

We invite family and coworkers (2 nurses in family) that may not have a place to go and celebrate the day before or after thanksgiving because they are working at hospital. Turkey, ham, homemade brioche rolls and all the fixings so I can send home leftovers because thanksgiving is about sharing.

Jo Chance

In a “normal” year’s celebration, our family joins together for a Thanksgiving meal for which each unit shares part of the menu… and everyone tries to include a favorite item that was once made by the grandparents/great g’parents who are no longer with us but who are then remembered at the table. Conversation and sometimes games are shared during the day… laughter often abounds on this blessed day of “family.

Gayle Erskine

We have a Thanksgiving tradition of going around the table and telling what we are grateful for this year. We all write it down and read them after the meal. It is wonderful and the youngest children really get into it! We also always have the children say the blessing.

Elke Veselich

Enjoying the Family getting together! Which due to the present situation will NOT happen this year. Breckenridge, Grand Timbers lodge,COLORADO was on the schedule for my husband’s 81st BIRTHDAY November 28 – but…due to the Pandemic we REGRETFULLY had to cancel….but – we’ll be back!! Sincerely – Elke Veselich

Claudia Quick

On Thanksgiving Day, wee watch the Macy’s Day Parade, take a hike while the turkey is cooking and then have a nice turkey dinner

Renee Stoffer

We always make all our own food. We do one vegetarian full meal, and one for the meat eaters. It’s a bit more work but so fun. We spend the day with family and just enjoy catching up!

Gordon Wilkins

Our family gathers each and every Thanksgiving to enjoy an over abundant amount of turkey, sides, salads, desserts, cider and spiced (spiked) eggnog. The day begins early, usually around 6 AM, with the prep of the large 25-27 pound turkey and the dicing and slicing of the many vegetables and spices needed for all of the side dishes. After the meal has ended (never really ends as we all continue to graze!) the men gather around the big screen TV to watch the often contended football games and the women all sit and share their events of the week and stories/pictures of the children and grandchildren. The day ends with a everyone slowly leaving with lots of hugs, kisses and farewell wishes.

Ron & Kathy Baars

Participating in our local Turkey Trot in Greeley that’s a fundraiser for our local hospitals cardiac rehab program has been a family tradition for years. After putting the turkey in the oven, we all go run or walk the 5K race. Some years it’s been snowy and bitter cold, others it’s relatively mild. Afterwards we gather to meet with friends. We ran in the Pittsburgh Turkey Trot in 2013 and 2017 when visiting Kathy’s brother Jim.

Melissa Vigil

Watching Christmas Vacation, eating turkey and fixings, get together Christmas wish list.

David Freisner

We enjoy board games, Wii, lawn games & after dinner walk weather permitting. If the weather isn’t favorable, we light a fire and watch reruns of holiday sitcoms like Friends, The Middle, Seinfeld, The Big Bang, etc. it’s fun to see how various groups celebrate and learn about their traditions.

John Urban

Flying W Ranch visit and dinner Colorado Springs Colorado.

John Pack

We set the table including 5 candy corns on each plate. Then, as dinner progresses, we go around the table five times — and name something we’re thankful for at each pass. The tradition comes from the 8 kernels of corn the pilgrims had per day a year before the first Thanksgiving!

Scott Noar

Each year, we always make sure we are together. It’s important for us to give thanks for what God has graced us with (more than once a year, but especially at Thanksgiving time). If this year has taught us anything it’s about being thankful for our families, and their unwavering support. At Thanksgiving time, we all love being together, cooking delicious food, playing games, and just being in each other’s presence. We love watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and Westminster dog show (we are dog lovers – so happy we can bring them to Grand Lodge on Peak 7 where we own). Regardless of circumstances that have changed the way we live in 2020, we are still so incredibly blessed to have each other through this time of trial.

Penny & Barry Thomas

We get the biggest turkey we can find and grill it over charcoal till it looks like a Norman Rockwell painting. The family is over with an open invitation to anyone else who would like to come. It’s just a day to relax, be thankful, and enjoy the beginning of the holiday season. Playing in piles of leaves or Nerf Wars is always on the schedule too.

Mike Morris

Family is the tradition, regardless of the menu. We actually enjoy Cioppino at one of our daughter’s homes on Thanksgiving.

Kimberly Chronister

Thanksgiving is the holiday that my husband and I choose to spend by ourselves (with the dogs, of course). We travel over Thanksgiving Week and take time to be thankful for our time together. We will be continuing this tradition this year, arriving at Peak 8 on Tuesday of Thanksgiving Week. We plan to ski and take the dogs snow shoeing.

Joanne Mitchell

Since I am a 3rd grade teacher, we take full advantage of the long weekend! It started years ago and would take the kids to downtown Chicago to see the lights and windows. Now we are blessed to take the grandkids to do the same thing! N the train ride, they read the “Polar Express” and have a visit from Santa. Life is good!

Tammy Steeples

Our family often got together at Thanksgiving rather than trying for Christmas since it was hard to bring all the Christmas gifts for the children to another home. We did bring our family exchange gifts so everyone could take theirs home and put it under the tree. We always had a big turkey dinner with all the fixings on Thanksgiving Day with my mother’s famous chocolate angel pie. Besides eating we usually tried to do a craft project, play cards (hearts) or “dictionary” in the evenings, watch football, go to the Plaza in Kansas City to see the Christmas lights and eat supper at a nice restaurant, shop on Friday and just generally have fun being together. (I tried to attach a photo of my mom serving the angel pie, which we all liked much better than pumpkin pie.)

Shelia Palevsky

This year our traditions will be so very different. Because of restrictions due to COVID, we cannot travel or gather in person. So we will zoom a dinner gathering… How else can it be done?? In fact, we have been unable to travel anywhere since March. No vacations. No socializing. Remote celebrations only. Not able to use our Breck time. So sad. Wish that there were photos that could share this new reality.

Courtenay Sobral

SKIING @ Breckenridge and turkey, of course!

Yvette Burney

Typically, I try to get to California to spend time with my kids and granddaughters. We eat way too much, watch football and just enjoy each other’s company. The pandemic this year will not allow for that so we will make our own feasts and sit together virtually on FaceTime.

Martha Skinner

It’s all about family. And eating (my husband’s mashed potatoes are so famous that sometimes my nephew brings friends to experience them). And about everyone helping out on a jigsaw puzzle. And, of course, the group photo. And did I mention family? Including people from other families who have nowhere else to go. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday–no shopping for presents, no decorating, just enjoying each other’s company (and my niece’s famous pecan pie, and my famous cheesecake, and the wine the noncooks bring). I could go on and on, but I guess this is enough. (No, I almost forgot football!)

Gerry Lawrence

Going to the Galleon Resort Key West, Fl.

Andrew Chronister

A few years ago, my wife and I decided that for Thanksgiving, we would travel. After our first visit to Peak 8, we began to alternate between Breck and New Orleans for our Thanksgiving trip. The traditions we observe depend on where we are. New Orleans means Thanksgiving Mass at St. Louis Cathedral, exploring the French Quarter, Beignets at Cafe Du Monde, a stroll along the banks of the Mississippi River and Cajun food for dinner. Thanksgiving at Grand Colorado Peak 8 means a day of early season skiing, followed by a couples massage at the Infinity Spa, grilling steaks on the patio, and having a Thanksgiving feast in the room with our pups. No matter where we are, we enjoy this time together before the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season kicks in. This year will find us in Breckenridge, and we can’t wait!

Stephen Garman

We have many traditions, which unfortunately won’t be happening this year, due to the pandemic. I was diagnosed with Pulmonary Fibrosis two years ago, a terminal disease which makes me a sever risk if I were to get COVID. SO this year we will be sharing time around the computer screen, rather than the same table. As a kid all my cousins and I would have our Annual Turkey Bowl tackle football game before dinner. It didn’t matter if it was warm, cold, rainy, or snowy. We would play Until dinner was ready. I have started the same tradition, except for the tackle part, with my grandsons. They are really bummed we won’t be able to have or game this year. However, we will be able to watch MY Detroit Lions lose another traditional Thanksgiving Day Game. Another big tradition for me, is the scalloped oysters my mom used to make, and I continue to make each year. Of course no one else in the family will be disappointed, however, since they all hate the dish. :) I will still make my trademark pumpkin pies, another of my mothers recipes, and deliver them to my daughters homes so they can enjoy them. We are all just extremely thankful that none of our family members have been infected with COVID, though we have lost some close friends. Our prayer this year will give thanks for this, and ask that the world is able to rid ourselves of COVID, SOON!

Marty Brown

Play games Thanksgiving evening. Cards, board games, puzzles….

Patricia Friehauf

Turkey dinner with close family and any friends who don’t already have a dinner invitation, followed by touch football (if nice enough weather) and watching football on TV.

Svend Larsen

spending the week in Breck..

Tracey Ray

Spending time with family. Making all the traditional Thanksgiving feast sides to pair with a turkey and ham, but always trying one new recipe. Have everyone put in a jar what they are thankful for and then read them at dinner. Start making Christmas cookies.

Linda Whitcomb

Mom always had a big family get together on Thanksgiving. She cooked the basics (TURKEY, MAIN DISHES ETC.). Other family members were to bring something our ancestors may have cooked for Thanksgiving. Since our family line mainly goes back to the United Kingdom. We made dishes like Shepard’s pie (I made this dish), fancy teas and other traditional British meals, snacks and desserts. We also have a little Irish blood, so someone made some Irish soda bread which was yummy. Not only was Thanksgiving a time for our family to get together, eat a wonderful meal and enjoy each other’s company; but it was also a time to catch up with everyone, share our life events, special occasions and dreams for the future. What made our family thanksgivings special and unique was our connection with our past ancestors and a time to remember them. We had some pictures of our ancestors and shared them on that day. I brought a picture of my great grandmother (whom my sister thinks I resemble). After dinner we relaxed, continued to snack on all that great food and loaded up our cars with leftovers for the drive(s) home. I really miss those family holiday traditions since my grandparents passed away and they were the ones who traced our family back to the 1400’s in England! Family is important and and family history is as equally important in my family, especially the family holiday traditions. Linda Whitcomb

Ellie Giordano

Everyone gather at someone’s home and share laughter and love. This year will be different as COVID continues. Next year I hope we are all at one of your beautiful resorts.

Renae Phillips

We spend time with our small family of four, eating, watching football and taking naps. We’ve had the opportunity to spend Thanksgiving week at Grand Timber Lodge two years ago, and we still talk about how much fun that week was for us! Love our home away from home!!