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The year 2020 is now in the rearview mirror and 2021 is finally here! This has been a challenging year and we are so thankful for the New Year to finally make its presence known!

For a chance to win 25 Reward Dollars, what is a vacation that you are most excited about in 2021?

December Owners Only Winner

Congratulations to Maria & Corey Somerville, the December Owners Only winner!

“We love being outside in the heated pools while snowing, having the theater to ourselves, the SPA!!!!, and most of all the beautiful views.”

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Sean Dunham

Spending Thanksgiving week at peak 8 and getting that much needed foot of snow during the week!

April Engle

The weekend before all the shut downs started my husband and attended his brothers wedding. We are blessed to have attended and spend time with his family before all the shutdowns occurred. It was a beautiful wedding. Cannot wait to relax in a snow surrounded hot tub in Breck in January for my husbands and I anniversary!

Lorrie Ham

Staying connected via zoom, face time and in person. Favorite memories include planning ahead so the older generation had time to get logged in, riding out the tropical storm on the coast of Florida. Helping our daughter and son in law move into their new home.

Michael Hensley

We enjoyed our vacation at the Grand Colorado. We also made a trip to Yellowstone, Grand Teton National Park and other trips around Utah. We refused to succumb to COVID-19 and stop living. It is now ski season and we will carefully get out and enjoy our winter pastime.

Dennis Claes

Hosting our Daughter/Husband and grand children at GLP7 for 2 days for our son-in-law’s birthday. It was great to share the amenities of the Lodge with them, maybe best of all was the Grotto. We were able to spend 45 days on Hawaii- Big Island, which with COVID turned into 3 months. We missed 11 days with our daughter & family on Maui, but had many days of solitude, just the two of us.

Mike Morris

Two weeks on Maui just before sequestration was our best family vacation.

Kenneth Rzonca

Escape, this is the word I use to describe getting out of the city and coming up to the beautiful mountains of Colorado, always enjoying Grand timber Lodge! We escape up here as many times as we can a year and what an incredible Lodge you guys have. The amenities are never ending, the hospitality is the best of five star could offer. We thank you and we hope to see you here real soon as we make another escape to the mountains of beautiful Colorado. Thank you for all the great memories and many to come.

Kenna Johnson

Eight years ago we moved from Greeley, CO to Maryville, Mo. for the past 10 years we have attended Breckenridge Oktoberfest. When we moved to Missouri it became more important to get back to Breckenridge each year for this event. This year we reserved two weeks in Breckenridge, one at GTL and the other at GL7. Although there was no Oktoberfest this past September, we still had a most wonderful time in Breckenridge! It was like an organic family reunion as we unexpectedly ran int 3 different dear family friends from our neighborhood in Greeley! We always have a “Grand” time in Breckenridge, meeting new friends from all over the world, September 2020 was the best as rekindled, reconnected after 8 years (and a six month of quarantine) with friends on Peak 8! We have been owners since 2004 and even though there was no Oktoberfest, this was our best visit to Breckenridge in spite of the pandemic.

Susan Sale

My son’s wedding in Spain was canceled, so he and his fiancè planned a fun road trip through Yellowstone, with the final destination being Breckenridge, where they eloped. We are new owners and they were the first to use our property. Now every time I visit I’ll say to myself, “This is where my son got married!” And now they have a baby on the way, too!

Amy Knelly

We had the opportunity to visit a Breckenridge in October. It was our first visit since becoming an owner. We enjoyed Grand Colorado so much that we rarely left the resort. The grotto was amazing. The outside hot tubs are so relaxing. We can’t wait to be back in February.

Coleen Codd

Hi GLP7, After many years of attempting to hike various “runs” I was finally able to complete a tough one. When I say tough it goes without saying, “Tough”. Typically myself and our black Lab, Chloe visit in the spring. Well we all know the result of spring time in the Rockies this year. I transferred my time to the fall and the ski runs were unfortunately bare at the time. I have had multiple knee surgeries related to torn this and that as well as cancer. Struggling for 6 years to strengthen, endure and remain pain free, I have now done 4 of the major ski runs just outside the doors of GLP7. What a joy to say it was fantastic to accomplish, both Chloe (9.5 yo with severe arthritis) and I made the trek (may not be big to others but to us it was awesome. Afterwards we sat and enjoyed the beauty of Breckenridge and the gorgeous venue right in front of us. Happy Holidays, we are doing more hikes in the years to come.

Roger Jones

Spring Break 2020 with friends that have never been to Colorado before let alone snow skiing! They had been looking forward to this week for almost a year. The day finally came for the drive up with clear skies, and it went great along with a stop in Idaho Springs for some pizza. However, things started to change at Saturday check-in when we found out that an hour before we got there Vail had decided to close down operations for the next week starting on Sunday. Ok, we will just ski Copper Mountain this go ’round. We had a theater room booked for Saturday night, so we checked out Main Street and then came back up and enjoyed a theater style movie. That’s when things really changed. On the way back up to the room after the movie, we were politely asked to return to our primary residence immediately by order of the Governor. That ended our Spring Break 2020, as it did many others. Our friends were bummed to say the least, but understood completely. However, we are owners so we’ll try again in ’22. We rebooked a stay in the Fall with my parents and my brother in a 3 bedroom @ GL7. My family on this trip has been to Breckenridge, but never in our “second home” at GL7. They loved it. We did the movie theater, a Boreas Pass drive in the Fall (outstanding), a day trip to the Maroon Bells with the fall color (jaw dropping), and much need rest and relaxation. So 2020 wasn’t a complete loss, for us anyway, after all. My parents are 85 and 86, and are world travelers. They have been timeshare owners for almost 30 years, and have been to over 30 different timeshares all over the world and throughout the US. My dad said GL7 would rank #3 of all the timeshares he and my mom have visited. #1 and #2 are both in Hawaii. He also indicated that if his ranking was only on the people working the resort then GL7 would have been #1 by a long shot. He was extremely impressed with “hellos, good afternoons, and the welcome homes” coming from the workers, so thank you GL7 for just doing what you do. It really does make a difference.

Kathleen Mullaney

Campfires in our own backyard were the biggest hit. We learned to make super tasty s’mores while enjoying warm summer breezes and lots of quality time together. The Mullaney Family in Michigan

Jennifer Charon

I have had the best time bringing my family to Breck. They are from Michigan and have never seen what a real snow packed mountain should look like. They only get ice and nasty snow. My 3 year old niece told me she wants to move here.

Michele Guin

We did a road trip to South Padre Island – it was great to spend time together seeing new things and watching our tween and teen gain some travel independence. They grow up so fast, it was great to be together and share experiences.

Joan French

We had a family trip to Oahu at the Marriot Resort and to Maui at the Schooner Resort. Fabulous time swimming, snorkeling, seeing beautiful fish, trying to see dolphins. Our window of opportunity was terrific for Thanksgiving. We got be with a family member who lives on Oahu. Great people at the resorts. A lot of family smiles and laughter. Thank you Breckenridge Grand Vacations!

Victor Chavez-Abraham

Despite the pandemic we have had great family unity. My kids were sent back from their respective colleges in March 10 and since that date the have stayed with us. The whole family had the opportunity to go to Grand Timber on September 25-27 and it was just great.

Richard Litchfield

We were able to enjoy an amazing week at GC8 in March 2020 shortly before everything changed. Ski conditions were great, food in town was delicious, and movie night in the GC8 theater was a fun bonus. We were joined by family from Quebec who found everything about Breck and GC8 to be superb. The staff at GC8 were very helpful in helping us feel welcome, safe, and active. We enjoyed time in the lobby bar, the hot tubs, and the gym. Our stay was epic and we are so glad we took the risk even though some were already choosing to cancel trips at that time.

Georgia Funari

First annual bocce tournament with social distancing on the lawn was on Thanksgiving Day while the turkey was cooking!

Russ Scholl

Our daughter’s Senior Recital was cancelled in April 2020. After five months, the Denver campus re-opened and she was able to perform in the university auditorium. Unfortunately, Covid restrictions left her with an audience of ten (the maximum allowable) in the hall. Both of her brothers flew in from Virginia to attend along with me and my wife. Afterwards our entire family spent a few great days at Colorado Grand on Peak 8. Our first time staying at the new property, and we were NOT disappointed!! Thanks Breck Grand Vacations for helping make this a very special and very memorable long-weekend!

Daniel Janovici

Hiking and ATVing Breckenridge trails.

Martha Geonetta

My family and I have always enjoyed our stay at peak 7 and we love the most is when we are able to get the two bedrooms accommodations. The staff is always very friendly and accomodating. You all have a very Merry Christmas. Thank you. Martha 🙂

Ron Nussbaum

Missed our annual trip to Grand Timber this year 2020 not what we wanted. Safe in Covid environs at home missing my friend the fox and the shy moose not to mention dinner in town at the Hearthstone Restaurant.

Jennifer Trotter

We got to stay in the new Peak 8 building for Thanksgiving. We loved ice skating out our front door and the new pool area was so fun!!

Lynn Mason

Family visit up to Grand Colorado Peak 8 (hot tub time, family hike of Cucumber creek, and ordering food in).

Jeanine Clark

I have not had much time with my family this year. The one day in the lull of the pandemic I got to spend out on the boat with my extended family was the highlight of my summer. Something we normally do routinely was so much more special because we only got to get together once this year.

Cheryl Gibbons

2020 has been a challenging year for our family for sure. My daughter had to go into residential care out of state for health issues. My best memory of 2020 hasn’t happened yet – but she will be discharged on December 21st, and I can’t wait! Best present ever!!!

Tracy Jones

It was our first time staying at Grand Lodge. The place is so quintessential Colorado (Peak 7) with its common areas having high ceilings and decorated in natural wood and earth tones. But the people who work there made the vacation perfect. They are friendly, organized and helpful. I wasn’t sure what to expect what with all the Covid rules, but our stay was enjoyable and relaxing. In fact, we liked it so much we bought a timeshare there! I look forward to many stays there in the future.

Kami Richter

We were finally able to spend our week in GC8 for the first time this year after owning for 4 years. We were really excited for a “staycation” and had a blast. We did the escape room that was wonderfully fun for the whole family, we scheduled a horseback ride through our Concierge desk and it was amazingly beautiful and a blast for all, we then spent the day over in Glenwood Springs and was able to visit Iron Mountain Hot Springs and do the adventure park since ours was closed. We did have our dogs with us, which is a HUGE plus when traveling but needed somewhere for them to stay while we went to Glenwood and the concierge desk was there once again with a fantastic referral to a local dog walker, Liz, that we will continue to rave about and refer out . She was absolutely wonderful and our dogs loved her. We were also able to do several arts and craft sessions with the activities desk, both in-person and take-home options, and all were super fun and it is exciting when you have keepsakes to take home with you. The rest of the time was just hanging at the pools and hot tubs that we had no problems getting time for and just relaxing around property. It was the perfect vacation in a time when travel restrictions really limited our options. I can’t wait to come and stay again. And thanks to everyone that made us feel right at home.

Debbie Stillahn

This year was certainly a crazy year. I was so happy that I had booked my week to be in Breck and at Grand Timber Lodge for this past August. My daughter was very pregnant with my first Grandchild and not feeling very comfortable. So little to do for fun with Covid. Well …spending the week in Breck with my daughter and her fiance from AR…who had never been in the mountains before…was great. It was fun to see them just enjoy the pool and the shuffle board and things around the resort. I will look forward to having the next visit to Breckenridge with the addition of my Grandson, Caden, who was born early on September 26th! So his birth made 2020 a great year and very memorable!

David Goffredi

We (my wife and I, both daughters and their husbands, and our two grandchildren – ages 1 and 2.5) spent a week in 3 condos at Grand Timber Lodge. We swam every morning which was the kids favorite. We introduced them to the playground, the large chess pieces, and the shuffle board courts. Now the 2.5 year old asks all the time when we are going back to Breckenridge. Those memories and pictures help through the stay at home orders!

Debbie Moloznik

Every time we come to BGV it’s a favorite. We celebrated birthdays, belated 40th anniversary, day use for a girl’s’ day. No matter what, it’s special.

Billy Brand

We traded our time at Breck for a week in Orlando, Fl. We went to Universal Studios and SeaWorld. It was a great week.

Jane Fay

My son got married this year after the third attempt due to Covid so we now have something to celebrate that happened in 2020 ❤️

Angela Chase

Being able to visit Breck every month and introduce our new dog to our favorite place. We hiked some new trails and tried new restaurants. The challenges of COVID gave us an opportunity to reconnect as a family.

Robert White

Visiting the mountains in the fall to see the golden aspen amidst the evergreens.

Joe Grossi

Staying at Grand Timber Lodge this summer and hiking up Sawmill trail with my 12yr old daughter and her friend. The views were amazing!

Amy Knelly

We had the opportunity to visit a Breckenridge in October. It was our first visit since becoming an owner. We enjoyed Grand Colorado so much that we rarely left the resort. The grotto was amazing. The outside hot tubs are so relaxing. We can’t wait to be back in February.

Lindsey Scheopner

In March of 2020 my husband and I took both of our kids skiing for the first time! We went for a whole week and got upgraded from our lodge to the Grand Lodge 7 for free. We spent so much time enjoying the beautiful views and all that Breckenridge had to offer. We then did a tour of the Grand Lodge on Peak 8 where we became owners. We are so excited to be able to continue teaching our children to ski at a beautiful place we can call home!

Jennifer Charon

I have had the best time bringing my family to Breck. They are from Michigan and have never seen what a real snow packed mountain should look like. They only get ice and nasty snow. My 3 year old niece told me she wants to move here.

Jane Bartlett

Hiking around Breckenridge this summer with our family from San Diego and Denver!

Karen Sherrets

Being able to slow down and spend more time with my kids has been a blessing. It hasn’t been the ideal year, but we are trying to make the best of it! We were able to come visit GTL this summer and enjoyed the pools and hot tubs.

Clarence Moore

Youngest daughter graduated from college and the neighborhood to include the Fire Dept provided her with a drive by parade.

Gilbert Stieglitz

While we did not travel to see our family because of the virus, we both celebrated our 80th birthdays. And in both cases we were surprised with extraordinary personal gifts of love. Our daughter arranged for VIP treatment for dad at a local Professional Hockey game and then stepped out on the ice to sing the National Anthem! Complete surprise!! And for mom, our 2 sons flew into our town from MI and CO to be at our door step on her birthday at 8:00 a.m. with flowers, cake, champagne, and sang Happy Birthday with a ukulele. A complete surprise. These thoughtful expressions of love brought smiles and tears of joy to our eyes.

Lorrie Ham

Staying connected via zoom, face time and in person. Favorite memories include planning ahead so the older generation had time to get logged in, riding out the tropical storm on the coast of Florida. Helping our daughter and son in law move into their new home