Summer is just around the corner! You know what that means, warmer weather, wildflowers, hiking, mountain biking and just enjoying everything outdoors!

For a chance to win 100 Reward Dollars, we want to see your most treasured Breckenridge summer memory that you are looking forward to recreating this summer! Be sure to include a photo and caption of what the treasured moment is about.

Share your summer memory photos below!

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Last Month’s Entries

Congratulations to last month’s winner, Brian and Nicole Blanc! Take a look at other owners’ stories.

Nicole Triplett Blanc

Looking forward to relaxing in the pool, looking at the amazing mountains, while listening to my kids laugh and play in the water!!!

Abby Shearer

Spring snowboarding is perfect because there are still great powder days and the crowds have begun to fade. I saw a lot more snow bikes the last time we were on the mountain. That looked like fun and I would like to find out more about that activity.

Allen Johnson

Bike riding and trail running in the mountains. Like to learn more about more mountain trails in Breckenridge.

Anne Torkelson

April Engle

Hiking and swimming.

Bernadette Axelrod

So far we’ve only visited Breckenridge in the winter/early spring to ski. Now that we are owners, we’re looking forward to coming back many times throughout the year. We noticed the ziplines while skiing; that looks like fun and we’ve never done that before!

Bill Mumma

Spring is good for one thing…. Time to hit the lake and enjoy the sun!!

Donna Rojas

Spring brings the opportunity to walk trails that I haven’t explored yet, along with revising my favorite locations. The sights awaken my senses by taking in the blooming flowers, trees and fields of bright flowers and blooms. Spring is my favorite season! I’d love to learn more about the opportunities for riding the mountain trails with bikes. Are there rentals available that provide discounts for owners? Happy Spring!

Elaine K Miller

Chilling in the hot tubs and enjoying the fresh mountain air.

Terri Baze

Can’t wait to see the new construction on Peak 8 finished

Jennifer Mattoni

Spring and Summer hiking! Picture from Mohawk Lakes Trail in June of 2020

Jennifer Meibaum

We enjoyed the fat bike tour at the end of winter and think it would be great to do in the spring!

Karla Ferry

Getting my garden going.

Krista Marie

Kristen Thomason Deak

Interested in hike routes from Peak 8 ( photo from Monday crampon hike off Peak 7)

Lisa Doherty

Snow angel

Lisa Young

We are enjoying the warm weather and getting outside and walking our local parks. We can’t wait to stay at BGV for the first time in July, as we are new owners! This photo is of a fox that has made a home in our backyard!

Mike Morris

Biking in Summit County

Sara Megibow

In the spring, we like to hike and bird watch. How is the weather? Are the hiking trails open? Love this time of year!

Stefan Crandall

Hiking…without snow this time.

Terri Baze

After all the covid stuff can’t wait to see peak 8; Want to fly fish have fee cocktails in hot tube, see the city, Yippee!!!!

Patti Kozlowski

As the last of winter’s snow quietly slips into the ground, the trees emerge once again in green splendor. The early flowers are preparing to come forth. This is the time of the year we love to hike around Grand Timber. A spring day in the mountains can be so glorious – it makes us grateful for just being alive. This year especially, we can hardly wait to be back and breathe the mountain air. We would like to learn more about the hiking trails around Breckenridge, esp. close to Grand Timber.

Ricardo Pareles


Mary Christof

Spring skiing! Where did the troll get moved to?

Becky Rogers

Hiking! Looking forward to our kiddos skiing for the last time this season next weekend! Biggest joy is seeing them do what they love.

Krista Robrecht

Looking forward to a few more days of spring skiing!!! I’d probably want to learn about any summer activities since we spend most of our time there in the winter.

Nancy Klenk

Looking forward to celebrating good health when we’re there in a couple weeks. Would like to hear more about the new resort that’s being planned and the amenities discussion going on with the town council.

Trent Steffa

We make our own adventure “treasure hunting” with the kids! Walking under the lifts looking for the “treasures” dropped during ski season.

Roger Jones

Hiking (never done Mohawk Lakes), Mtn Biking (never done Vail Pass), learn more about white water rafting.

Alyce Hamilton

Looking forward to discovering the Elev8 lounge and curling up with the GoBreck Spring Guide to plan some fun To Do’s!

Jessica Taylor

Interested in visiting McCullough Gulch and Lake Dillon. Would love info on events like festivals coming up.

Megan Casselman

Looking forward to the hiking!! Can’t wait!

Tom Van Oss

Still ski season! And hot tubs of course.

Nick Miller

Learning about mud season specials in town and at the resort.

Christi Connelly Goetz

Slope side hot tubbing in the spring is our favorite!

Stephanie Knott Schell

Skiing! This weekend. See you soon.

Daniel Lee

Hiking and mtb biking!

Robb Garifi

Hiking and spring skiing!!

Jody Alexander

Ebiking to Frisco and back!

Ismael Gonzalez

Spring snowboarding and mountain biking.

Jeffrey Jansson

Day drinking on the patio.

Cindy Anderson

Fly fishing.

Cathy Howell

Spending time walking with my doggies.

Michael Hernandez

Mountain Biking.

Eric Frese

Hiking with the family!

Antoine Rolland

Trail running!

Wendy Helie Rockwell


Debbie Solomon New

Spring skiing.

Melissa Sanche Fleck


Dianna Halpin


William Patrick

Looking forward to getting out hiking and hot-tubbing this spring! Would love to learn more about golf packages this spring/summer!

Armando N Wendy Trevino


Carey Cress Fose

Peak 8 & 7 hiking for sure; snowshoeing trails for no skiers. Great launching spot from GC Peak 8.

Angela Day Waliszewski


Kristin Peterson

Looking forward to outdoor spring events and would love to learn more about what is happening around town/Summit County.

Carol Constantino Griswold

Walking downtown to see all the hanging flower baskets blooming for Spring!

Bill Shearer

Hiking and learning more about the mining history and sites in and around Breckenridge.

Craig Colley

Looking forward to taking my parents on a train ride one of these next trips up there.

Madeline Belarde

We love walking hiking , swimming and biking !

Jill Cordes

Shopping in town. New spring fashion.

Ashley Joines

Hiking and learning about nature/history.

Kelly McClellan Stogner

Rafting for our June week!

Kennedy Peters

Hiking season!

Karen Yockey


Deborah Schug-Palmer

Looking forward to hiking! We want to learn more about the ecosystem and animals around Breck, kid focused.

Melissa Williams-Hadfield

We are looking forward to hiking! Would love to know more about family friendly hikes.

Brittany Housley

We are looking forward to hiking!!! We don’t like snow, so it’s the time of year we finally get begin enjoying outside. We really want to teach our little ones more about nature and what they can do to protect the environment we know the basics. We recycle and use reusable water bottles; my son knows a lot…but we want to learn how we can also impact others. So that our littles (for example) are inspired to want to do these things in their own and show others.
If you ask my son he would probably say he wants to learn how to paddle board much simpler answer.

Ashley Wilson Oliver

Weve done so much in Breck it’s hard to pick a favorite, but horseback riding, kayaking on lake dillon, and the off road tours are our top 3…would love to learn more about white water rafting and ziplining!

Patti Gilmour

Hiking the naked ski runs.

Irene Alicot

I love hiking around peak 7 area. Wondering if the base areas will be open this summer?

Jennifer Adala

Spring flowers and horseback riding.

Lisa Gheno-Cuevas

Seeing the spring flowers blooming.

Cynthis Eagle Vander Pol

Hiking with my dogs! Sitting in the adult hot tub!

Becki Chester

Mountain biking and hiking.

Laura Backus

Mud hiking!!!!

Carrie Paul

Kayaking and bicycling.

Lynsey Bosch

Hiking with family and our dogs – its been far too long.

Laurie Weisensee

Hiking , star gazing.

Lynn Riddlebee

Spring? That would mean snow still here in Colorado so snowshoeing and hot tubbing after.

Sara Harris Plavidal

We love hot tubing after a nice long hike and would love to do a keep tour or a horseback trip!

Shirley Woodruff

Seeing the Spring Wildflowers.

Annette Ponce

Still enough snow to snowshoe hike in beautiful weather!

Lupe Jalomo

Bike riding and walks with my mom.

Shantel Eggleston

Hiking and shopping downtown! Would love to learn more about the mining history.

Kristin Seaman

Bike riding and local places to rent bikes.

Ashley Hicks-Ortiz

Girls night with best friends, I one of the best places on earth!!

Teresa Bergman Hart

Swimming and spring flowers. Waterfalls!

Angie Kinney

Hot tubs at Grand Timber and the the concierge setting up horseback riding at Platte Ranch Riding Stables! Definition of Good Times!!

Eric Power

All of it, hiking, on resort activities, train rides, excursion trips like zip lining, fishing, walking in town, dining out.

John M Urban Jr

Bike trail Breckenridge to I-70.

Lisa Stafl

Soaking in the sunshine, majestic scenery and fresh mountain air at Elev8, Robbie’s and the outdoor hot tubs. Here’s hoping we can make a last minute trip to enjoy the spring or at least end of year bash!!!

Mindy Lunsford

Hiking and skiing.

Nora DeLuca Schwanke

Hiking!!! We will be up soon.

Adrienne Brito Campbell

Looking forward to family time at our favorite place! Would love to know more information about family friendly hiking trails near by.

Christie Buchalski Turner

Hanging out with family at our favorite place.

Linda J. Mathes

Looking forward to sharing cocktails at sunset on the rooftop Elev8 and hiking picnics with wild mountain flowers.

Jessica Schafer

Would love to hear more about owner-exclusive recurring and one-time events (when they start back up) ahead of when we visit. I feel like we’ve missed out on some fun stuff! Also, it’d be great to be reminded of the discounts we receive on stuff when checking in.

Jeff Lavender

After skiing all winter, I look forward to the transformation that the resort/national forest undergoes through Spring and Summer. The mountains look completely different with the snow gone, opening up whole new worlds of clean, crisp, nature. I’m too old and big to ski between the trees, but I can certainly hike and sit in between the trees and see new, budding beauty. We already booked for early June, and I am excited! This is our first year here (although I have visited in the past).

Nancy Sanderson

I am booked to stay at GTL in May. I am wondering what activities are available during my stay? Indoor as well as outdoors, hopefully the weather is nice during my stay. Thank you

Lori Catalano

Watching the mountains bloom! We are new so we want to learn more about summer activities (coming in august).

Jessica Peiker

Bike riding along the trail through the city We are interested in learning more about things to see in the city. We are also wanting to do the Mine nearby.

Barbara Kimble

We like to hike. I would like to know more about the discovery activities on Peak 8.

Robert Laviolette