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The hiking and biking trails are starting to dry out and the weather has been absolutely beautiful! With hiking and biking trails just steps away from all of our resorts, what is your favorite hiking or biking trail in Breckenridge?

For a chance to win 50 Reward Dollars, we want to know your favorite hiking or biking trail in Breckenridge? Include a picture of you on that trail if you have one!

Share your favorite Breckenridge trail!

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Last Month’s Entries

Congratulations to last month’s winner, Jason & Amy Platzer! Take a look at other owners’ stories. 

Jason Platzer

Our 25th anniversary trip last year.

Yvonne Murray

Crossing the River My teenage daughter and I went four wheeling, just us girls. We were searching for primitive summer camp sites and came across sites near this river. My daughter kicked off her shoes and crossed over to play along the riverbank. I tip-toed across shortly after taking this picture. A refreshing break in the hot summer sun.

Traci McCauley

Our son’s first time swimming. Now he loves the water. Can’t wait to get back so he can swim in the mountains again soon.

Theresa Dreiling

This was a beautiful hike and the last one we all had together before Mike passed.

Sandy Christensen

We have been attending Breckenridge Oktoberfest for over 10 years and always have such a great time.

Tarah Haverkate

Summer hiking with the family is always so much fun!

Scott Walker

Crowing ourselves the social distancing champions of 2020 near the top of peak 8.

Shelia James

Hiking St. Mary’s glacier at the recommendation of our concierge. We can’t wait to go again this year.

Lisa Stafl

Taking in the abundance of colors with all the wildflowers against the bright blue skies. Hiking up Peak 8 and returning to one of the hot tubs at GC8 was an amazing memory we hope to recreate this summer!

Shirley Rudd

Sitting in the hot tub enjoying the mountain views after horseback riding.

Teresa Frost Blake

Treasured memory watching my son join Pato Banton on stage at the Breckinridge Amphitheater.

Joshua Gay

My wife and I came to Breck on our honeymoon 10 years ago and fell in love with Breck and Colorado. We relocated to Boulder five years ago and became owners and members at Grand Lodge on Peak 7 last year. We look forward to celebrating our 10 year anniversary this July 4th week, with our three daughters, although with a fourth daughter due on July 11th, we won’t exactly be recreating the hiking and golfing and adventuring we shared 10 year ago.

Kevin Wright Richards

This is a picture of our family , daughter and her husband and all three kids and boyfriend and girlfriend! We stayed a week and had a wonderful time. We will be coming back to Breck in July to make more memories!! We all love the Grand Lodge on Peak 7!!!

Kelly Griffith

Hiking on the beautiful trails!

Katrina Esquibel

Hiking with the family—can’t beat those views!

Madeline Belarde

Grandsons hiking.

Sarena Zabilla

This was last summer Using bonus time (I believe) and we enjoyed ULLR cafe, hiking/walking the trails as a family and look forward to recreating the low key, fun moments with our new little baby girl as well!

Renae Phillips

We are bikers and hikers! Love to go on different adventures on trails we’ve never experienced before, we love tried a true biking around town or Lake Dillon and soaking in the sun while hanging out at the pool! Looking forward to our July trip back to our favorite place, Grand Timber Lodge/Breckenridge!

Pam Mies

Our photo stop during our ATV ride we climb the mountain

Matt Crafton

First time riding his bike unassisted was after a ton of lessons in the Gold Rush lot!!

John Orinjok

Hanging with my granddaughters by the pool.

Jana Poppe

This is my son sitting in downtown Breckenridge, overlooking the Blue River. It was in this spot in 2016 that I found out my first son was born (via adoption) who we named Brecken and who passed away from a heart condition at 4 months old. So this spot hold a very precious place in my heart and I love that my now adopted son Brody can be a part of it.

Rene Hodges

Kayaking with the family!

Jennifer Herrera

We went to Breck for the first time on our Honeymoon! 2020 may have cancelled our wedding plans but we came home from Breck as owners. Looking forward to MANY years of fun!

Karen Yockey

Time with grandson.

Lisa Brunner Black

I want to enjoy strolling by beautiful flowers again in Breckenridge!

Jessica Taylor

More hiking in Breck.

Nancy Klenk

Finish Line, Robbie Walk. We’re looking forward to enjoying this wonderful event in Breck again this September.

Holly Kaye

Walking around Sawtooth Reservoir with my 91 year old mother

Marie Peterson Dabis


Megan Casselman

Walks with my boys!

Jess Pike

We FINALLY made it to The County Boy mine and we learned SO much. We had an amazing tour guide. So much fun 10/10 would recommend.

Mindy Lunsford

“Finding” the troll.

Heather Hale Anderson

Our kids are so excited to be back on the alpine slide! We were up 2 weeks ago and they could start to see it peeking through the snow. They wanted to go right then!

Gina Shannon Stoughton

First Alpine Coaster Ride!

Ismael Gonzalez

Like soaking in the hottub after snowboarding

Mike Morris

We love biking Summit County!

Cathy Howell

Hanging out in the beautiful building again.

Dana Kruse

4-wheeling in our Jeep up to the top of Peak 10 to see the beautiful wildflowers & mountain scenery with friends & family

Deborah Johnson McEnaney

So many spots to choose from… I’m going with this beautiful spot with the fam.

Cynthia Eagle Vander Pol

We LOVE to hike there! We are headed there for vacation in a couple weeks and I just can’t wait!!!

Anne Fox

Hiking right out the back door

Adrienne Brito Campbell

We have been owners for almost 4 years now. We absolutely love all our time in Breckenridge especially summer. The kids favorite are all the activities they get to do at the Epic Discovery! This was last summers picture.

Brandi Castaneda

Kids having a blast swimming.

Marcella Torres

We have enjoyed having our family visit, special memories at Grand Lodge.

Ashley Wilson Oliver

Hiking the beautiful trails and always stopping for pics at every water feature. LOVE that these trails are just outside the doors of Grand Lodge on Peak 7!!!

Dalys Hill

We love coming up to Breck every summer and going on some amazing hikes!

Christine Huber

Hiking from Peak 7 to Frisco.

Christina Specht

Since we weren’t able to travel far to celebrate our 10 year anniversary in 2020 we took a kids free weekend away and stayed at Grand Colorado on Peak 8 and went paddle boarding on Lake Dillion!

Bree Snow

Sitting in the hot tub next to my sweetie letting my worries melt away just like the spring snow.

Dana Kober

On a visit last October, we stayed at Grand Timber for our normal timeshare. Our friends had a Jeep, so we piled in for a unique off-road experience, something we had never done during previous vacations. We stopped several times, discovered old cabins, wildlife. This mountain goat seems like he was posing for my photo. What a beautiful and interesting animal! We are planning to do more Jeep exploration on our future trips to Breckenridge. Of course, we follow up with dinner at a great local restaurant! Perfect Day!

Amy Tabor

Adventure park teaching confidence!

Tricia Cassidy

Little did my family know that in June 2019 when we took this poolside family photo would be our last trip to Grand Lodge as a full family. April 2020 my mother suddenly passed from unknown and silent lymphoma. She loved being at GL7 and we will treasure all the years of memories of us being there as a family.

Nicolas Fosdick

Hiking in breck.

Caroline Dooley

Riding the RecPath from Breckenridge to Frisco and back. Whew!!!! Hard work but gorgeous views!!! Worth it!

Bret Rostochil

I love Breckenridge sign

Emily Grasso

Looking forward to the Vail Pass bike ride all the way back to Breck! The prettiest views and best workout after you go through Frisco.