Breckenridge Summer Photo Scavenger Hunt

Breckenridge is a town rich in history and views! Take an hour or two to explore the town, learn a little about our history and make some amazing memories along the way. This Breckenridge photo scavenger hunt will take you throughout Downtown Breckenridge and help you discover some hidden gems that you may have never even noticed.

There are a total of 15 clues and 15 photos needing to be taken. Once you figure out the clue, take a picture with the answer. Once you have completed all your tasks, upload the photos here and be entered to win 50 Reward Dollars in a monthly drawing. Not in town yet, don’t worry! This is an ongoing “hunt” that you can enjoy on your next visit to Breck.

Have fun, be silly, laugh and learn. This scavenger hunt is all about creating smiles, moments and memories.


  1. Figure out the clue and go to the location
  2. Take a photo! A selfie, group shot or a scenic shot. We love them all.
  3. Have fun with it!
  4. Upload your 15 photos for a chance to win 50 reward dollars. One winner each month!


  1. Breckenridge became a self-declared “Kingdom” in 1936 when it was discovered it was left off the United States map. Take a seat on the stone throne with the steel crown above your head in this interactive sculpture that honors the kingdom days of Breckenridge.
  2. This 15 foot-tall creature has a heart made of stone and is located within the woods of Breckenridge. Can you find our local friendly giant?
  3. Situated below the base of Peak 9, this body of water is home to paddleboarding during the summer months.
  4. On July 23, 1887, a 13.5-pound piece of gold was discovered outside Breckenridge. The founders wrapped it in a blanket and paraded it around Breckenridge, which ultimately created the nickname Tom’s Baby. While you won’t strike it rich with this discovery, it’s now your turn to go find Tom’s Baby in downtown Breckenridge.
  5. All Aboard! In 1882 Breckenridge welcomed its first train, and the future of Breckenridge was changed forever. With more supplies arriving, Breckenridge grew into a true thriving Victorian town. Find the local museum that tells the tales of the locomotive days in this high county town.
  6. There is nothing quite like enjoying time in your home away from home. We want to see a family photo at your favorite part of your resort!
  7. While dinosaurs may be extinct, somehow, one has managed to find its way to Main Street, Breckenridge. Can you find him?
  8. Breckenridge mining made huge advancements in 1898 with the introduction of gold dredge boats. These boats proved to be the most effective way to mine for gold. The Town of Breckenridge made a fun take on these boats by creating the world’s highest floating restaurant. Can you find it?
  9. Discovered in 1820 on Pike’s Peak by mountain climber Edwin James, the Colorado state flower is endemic to the Colorado Rocky Mountain region, which means it’s only found in Colorado. Can you find it?
  10. Breckenridge is home to more than 70 family-friendly restaurants that can host even the pickiest of eaters with a smile; what is your go-to restaurant in Breckenridge?
  11. Running for about 65 miles between southern Summit County and the Colorado River, this river is a majestic waterway known for its excellent fishing and eye-catching scenery. It begins high in the mountains south of Breckenridge, winding its way to the north and west to Kremmling.
  12. This museum honors an escaped slave who became a wealthy Colorado businessman and leading civil rights activist. This man also opened a chophouse in Breckenridge before moving on to Denver, where he developed education programs for African-Americans.
  13. Formerly known as Long’s Saloon and established in 1861, this bar is the oldest operating bar in Summit County. This local landmark has survived in Breckenridge for over 150 years.
  14. Consisting of three horizontal stripes of equal width, the top and bottom stripes are blue, and the middle stripe is white, on the top of which sits a circular red “C,” filled with a golden disk. The blue represents the skies, the gold stands for the abundant sunshine, the white represents the snowcapped mountains, and the red represents the ruddy earth.
  15. From a moose in the forest to pikas hiding in the rocks, Colorado is full of wildlife. While catching a glimpse of a moose may be the most challenging task yet, we bet you can get creative and find some wildlife, real or fake, to snag a photo with.