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Ski season is finally here and we are ready for it! Thank you everyone who shared their favorite Breckenridge ski vacation memories last month. Breckenridge holds a special place in so many hearts and we loved reading your stories! You can read the stories of your fellow owners under ‘Last Month’s Entries’.

A new year is fast-approaching! With the new year comes new plans and goals as well as reflection on the year past. So this month we want to know about your 2021! Did you have a new experience or step outside of your comfort zone? Did you meet a big goal? What was your favorite moment or memory of the year? Tell us about the best of your 2021!

Share Your 2021 Highlights Below!

December 2021 Owners Only

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Last Month’s Entries

Congratulations to Kristen Konecny, the November Owners Only winner!

Connie Boyle

Our family has many great memories skiing in Breckenridge but the one that stands out happened on January 2, 2020. While taking a lunch break during a day of skiing we were lucky enough to see these moose on Maggie’s pond! Amazing!

Donna Rojas

So many years of blissful Breckenridge winter memories! Our three kids were born in Colorado and grew up skiing and snowboarding with Breckenridge a short distance away. We got transferred to Texas with the military and they were pleasantly surprised how many Texas kids went to Breck to ski in the winter. They were so happy to be back in Breck as you can see by their sweatshirts and big smiles! Taken Dec 2020.

Jen Illingworth

We love Breckenridge at any time of the year but spend most of our vacation time there in the winter. Our family tradition is to ski or board on Christmas Day wearing a festive outfit. That way we celebrate on the mountain enjoying the crisp fresh outdoors as a family and hopefully bring a smile to other winter sport enthusiasts as we ride or ski past. Happy Holidays to the entire BGV family!

Etienne Pare

The first-time Christmas stay with my wife and daughter-n-law. Fantastic powder with a 14″ snowfall on Christmas eve making the next two days the BEST skiing ever!! The first day offered l-o-n-g lines, but with the huge snow, people were reluctant to venture out – I guess they forgot their “snorkels”!!! 🙂 Photo is of the sunset before the arrival of the big snowfall.

Tracy Ramos

Back in 1980 when my estranged father decided he wanted to get to know his kids. He flew in from Texas to pick us up from our humble lifestyle out in LaPorte, CO. He took us on our first ski trip, I was 13 at the time. He put me in 1/2 day morning ski school and spent the morning skiing with my 2 brothers. The afternoon was my turn to tackle the slopes with the 3 of them. I found out, the hard way, that it was too early for me to try a black diamond slope, but my father insisted. When I started down the slope I was doing ok, but soon realized my father was wrong, I was over my head. He and my older brothers lost patience with me and just took off down the slope, saying they will meet me at the bottom. Feeling desperate, and very scared, my younger brother came to my rescue and talked me down the slope, one step at a time. He was so encouraging and patient beyond what I had ever seen in him. I gained so much courage that day, and a bond with my brother that to this day can never be broken!

Lorraine Epstein

Best winter experience was the Ullr fest and the longest shotski event down the middle of Main Street. Not only great skiing, but fun activities and ending with the biggest bonfire ever!!!

Darren Rojas

Kathmandu, Nepal… all the way to Breckenridge. Our son Logan traveled home for the holidays and wanted to spend some time skiing, hanging out and catching up, surrounded by the winter wonderland. Breckenridge was worth the trip! December 2018, one of the trails near Grand 8.

Mary Christof

January of 2019, My 5 grandchildren, along with my daughter and son-in-law, joined me for a long weekend in Breckenridge. It was the first time I got to go skiing with my daughter and all 5 grandkids! What a great day for a ski-aholic like me. We came the weekend of the snow sculptures. Is that a sight to see! It’s amazing how intricately carved some of them were. We also went sledding at Carter Park, ice skating and visited Isak Heartstone, the troll, that weekend. It was a fantastic time together with family.

Johnnie Engesser

Our son’s (Zach) proposal to the love of his life Alex at the top of the Colorado Super Chair on February 9, 2020.

Rose Asplund

My family members don’t ski, but we sure do enjoy summer activities and Christmas festivities in Breckenridge.

Angie Kinney

Skiing is always great, but what about taking the burden off of ourselves and letting the dogs have some fun! It wasn’t skiing, but it was sledding on the awesome Breckenridge snow and it was a complete and total blast. Ski, sled, sleigh ride, build a snowman, walk downtown and have flakes fall fresh on you. Breckenridge is simply the best!!

Heather Brown

Last year was a really exciting ski season for our family. Our 4 year old son was able to ski by himself! He learned exclusively at Breckenridge and are thankful that Breck is such a family friendly mountain.

Richard Litchfield

Our favorite thing to do when skiing at Breckenridge is to go all the way to the top peak and ski in some of the more challenging terrain while taking in some spectacular views. This shot was taken with my wife, Pam, and we were able to ski out toward the ridge and see the other side of the range which is not always possible. We love to ski at Breck! Rich & Pam Litchfield

Bethany Crouse

My fondest memory skiing in Breckenridge is when I was 8 months pregnant with my son and I had my two year old daughter out on the hill. She had so much energy and loved to ski! She was a natural. She had learned the year before and was almost three at this point. We spent six hours on the hill our first day out and I was exhausted by the time we were done. Apparently so was she because we went back to our home away from home at Grand Lodge on peak 7 and laid down for a nap, but we both slept through dinner and into the morning.

Alison Doolin

Skiing 120 days during the 2020/2021 ski season!!!

Jeanine Clark

We just returned from an early season ski vacation where my cousin Learned to ski for the very first time.

Cesar Chamie

The best family memory for me is when my wife told me at the top of peak 6 that she was waiting our second child. Now our son has 7 years old and he is a good snowboard hide.

Jeannine Angilley

Enjoying two weeks each year at GC8 to celebrate our wedding anniversary. We love everything about the resort, skiing and Breckenridge. Over the years we’ve made many wonderful friendships, experiences and magnificent memories. We travel all the way from Sydney, Australia. Unfortunately, we missed 2021 due to travel restrictions but we’ll be back early in 2022.

Devin Bowsky

We’re heading up for our first Breckenridge family vacation next week! We can’t wait!

Jenny Womack Anderson

Headed there to wrap up Thanksgiving week and make some memories!

Kayla Bowsky

Excited to start making family memories this year! We had a blast this summer.

Shauna Planck

Our son’s first time skiing at three years old! He is learning to ski on the hill right next to the hot tubs.

Tammy Torrence Lavalley

Breckenridge is our families Disney World! It was where we all learned to ski for the first time. I will never forget stumbling into Eric’s Pizza after our first ski lesson simply exhausted but so very happy! We have been back 4 times since and are now avid skiers. We are getting ready to spend 13 days in Breck starting 12/3

Krista Marie

My very first trip to Breckenridge was Thanksgiving 1984. We stayed at Beaver Run with our family of 6. It was also my first trip to Colorado skiing, as we lived in MN. When my husband and I came out for our trip to see GC8, before it was completed, we had the opportunity to upgrade our stay at Beaver Run. It was the most natural decision to upgrade as the memory was fresh & alive in that moment! Breck & GC8 has become our staple vacation and have been introducing the area to our kids, no matter the season!
Coming to Breck every year makes me feel like that kid again!

Natalie Nau

First timers in March. Looking forward to a wonderful experience.

Regina Reed

Never been before, coming for the first time this march.