Parking in Breckenridge

Planning on driving up to Breckenridge soon? Don’t forget to plan ahead for in-town parking. With the new parking system implemented last winter, there are a few tips and tricks that can help make your parking experience more enjoyable.

  1. Download the Parking Passport app and create an account before you head to Breckenridge.
  2. Once you have created an account, add your vehicle information and payment method to the app. This way you can avoid standing in the cold while entering your information.
  3. When parking in Breckenridge, look for the closest parking meter to your location. You will notice a large three-digit number on its side. That number will be your parking zone.

With your vehicle and payment information already in the app, once you input the easily located zone number, it won’t take longer than a minute to pay for your parking and head out on the town. Also, don’t forget that you can add more time to your parking from your phone!

Before You Go

  • Download the Parking Passport App and Register

  • Enter Pin # You Created While Registering, Sign In

  • Open Menu, Click Vehicles

  • Tap Add Vehicle

  • Enter License Plate and State, Save

  • Open Menu, Tap Payment

  • Tap Add Card

  • Enter Card Info, Save. You Are Ready for Easy Parking in Breck!

While in Breck

  • Enter Pin # You Created While Registering, Sign In

  • Enter Parking Zone

  • Tap Saved Vehicle

  • Tap Choose Stay

  • Set Duration of Stay

  • Tap Credit/Debit Card

  • Tap Saved Card

  • Confirm Parking and You are Done!

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