Many owners have requested that there be a line item on the dues billing for property taxes that states which part of the yearly association dues is for property taxes deductible on individual income tax returns.  Unfortunately, this subject is more complicated than it appears.  The amount included in dues is an estimate of what the Homeowners Association expects to owe in future periods. Taxpayers may deduct the amount of tax actually paid in the tax year.

Below are links to the property tax information for your appropriate Breckenridge Grand Vacation Residence:

2014 Property Taxes on GL7 units

2014 Property Taxes on GTL units

2014 Gold Point property tax

We are not able to advise you on your personal income tax preparation, but these amounts and documentation should provide enough information for you and your personal tax advisor to make and informed decision on what to deduct for 2014.

Good luck!

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    • Breckenridge Grand Vacations says:

      Hi Edward,
      Think link should be working, but I also just emailed you a PDF version of the Gold Point property tax info.

  1. David Brown says:

    On January 13, 2015 the Property Taxes on Breckenridge Grand Vacation Residences post was very helpful. Will there be a similar post this (each) year?

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