Ski Lessons

Breckenridge’s Ski and Ride School offers various programs to help meet your specific needs for becoming a better skier or snowboarder. There are three separate ski schools located across Breckenridge: The Village and Beaver Run (both located on Peak 9), and The Peak 8 School. Breckenridge ski lessons cater to all ages and abilities!

For those staying at Grand Timber Lodge, we recommend the Beaver Run School for convenience. It’s also a much smaller school than The Village, which can get hectic at times. For those staying at Grand Lodge on Peak 7, The Peak 8 School is just one stop away on the Gondola.

Kids and Beginner Lessons

Ski lessons for kids are a great way to help them gain confidence and the basic skills they need to enjoy being on the mountain. The lessons give the kids an opportunity to have fun with other kids their age and ski level. Putting your kiddo in lessons also benefits you to be able to enjoy a couple of hours hitting the more extreme terrain that you like to enjoy.

What to expect: basics on equipment, the mountain, how to stop and get up from a fall, turning, rhythm, speed and how to load and unload the chairlift.

Intermediate Lessons

Do you know the basics and just want to improve your skills? The intermediate ski lessons is the place for you. These lessons will help you improve your skills and techniques, they will also allow you to turn the fundamentals into their own personal style.

What to expect: improve your basic skills, reach higher speeds and more terrain, transitioning runs, improving balance, technique and turns.

Advanced Lessons

Don’t get stuck in the rut of groomer-ripping. Step out of your comfort zone with the help of one of the advanced lessons and learn from the best.

What to expect: riding moguls smoothly, riding steeps with more control and being efficient in deep powder.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are designed specifically around your individual needs. You will be paired with an expert coach that will help you hone skills exactly where they want and need.

What to expect: basics and expert skills, set your pace and one-on-one attention.

If you have any questions, you can talk to one of Breckenridge Ski and Ride School’s Local Experts by calling 800-842-8062. To browse the full catalog of packages and pricing, please go to Breckenridge Ski Resort.

Have fun and be safe out there!

Need Ski Rentals for your lesson?

To provide our guests and owners with high-quality ski rentals, superior service and convenience, we have partnered with Breck Sports. They provide free delivery of the latest ski and snowboard gear right to your door. Prefer an in-store experience? Head over to Breck Sports’ physical location steps away from Grand Colorado located by the Peak 8 Gondola.

Our owners and guests enjoy up to 20% off rental equipment. Have your own gear? You can still save! Get your equipment tuned overnight for 20% off. Inquire at any of Breck Sports’ eight locations. Rent your gear today.

Will face coverings be required in ski and ride school this season?

Face coverings will only be required during the indoor portion of the ski and ride school experience this season, including during drop-off and pick-up, and accessing indoor facilities such as restrooms and restaurants (while not eating or drinking). Face coverings will not be required during the outdoor portion of the ski and ride school experience. Face coverings will also not be required in outdoor spaces such lift lines, chairlifts and gondolas.

Do I need proof of vaccination to go to ski and ride school or take private lessons?

Children ages 12 and older who are part of a full-day ski and ride school program will be required to show proof of vaccination as lessons include lunches at indoor, on-mountain quick-service restaurants. This proof of vaccination will be required at the time of drop-off at the ski and ride school program. Adults participating in ski and ride school programs or private lessons may choose to opt-out of dining at indoor, on-mountain quick-service restaurants.

Will there be an option to pick up my child (and over) for lunch if they cannot show proof of vaccination?

We will be requiring proof of vaccination for all children ages 12 and over in full-day ski and ride school programs that contain a lunch offering.  We will not be providing an outdoor or lunch-pickup option for these individuals. At many of our resorts, half-day lesson options that exclude lunch will also be available.

What is the cancellation and refund policy for Ski & Ride School lessons?

Changes or cancellations can be made in advance of your lesson date by contacting the Ski & Ride School conducting your lesson. Any Ski & Ride School product that is cancelled prior to 24 hours of the lesson start time will be issued a full refund. Any Ski & Ride School product that is cancelled within 24 hours of the lesson start time will be charged a cancellation fee.

As a reminder, for guests 12 years and older, proof of COVID-19 vaccination is required to participate in full day Ski & Snowboard programming. If you or your child cannot meet this requirement, cancellations must be made 24 hours in advanced of your lesson.

For more information on refunds and cancellations, please refer to the Ski & Ride School Terms of Sale.

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Ski Lessons

Breckenridge’s Ski and Ride School offers various programs to help meet your specific needs for becoming a better skier or snowboarder. There are three separate ski schools located across Breckenridge: The Village and Beaver Run (both located…

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