Spring Skiing Essentials

With the extended ski season there is still plenty of time to enjoy some spring skiing in Breckenridge! In order to make sure that you pack appropriately for these unique riding conditions, here is a quick list of must-have items for skiing or snowboarding in the spring.

Sun Protection – A good pair of sunglasses or appropriately tinted goggles and a good supply of sunscreen are absolutely essential during the latter months of the ski season. Snow acts as a reflector to any sunlight, meaning you will develop a sunburn quickly if not protected. This will also dry out your lips fast, so don’t forget your lip balm!

Outerwear with Ventilation – There is a joke in Colorado that if you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes. Although it is corny, it is also true. Most outerwear companies offer ventilation systems within their products in order to adapt to constantly changing temperatures and weather patterns. It is not rare for the temperature to be 10 degrees when you begin your day and bump up to 40 degrees by the time you are eating lunch.

Base Layers/Facemasks/Lightweight Socks – It is amazing how well a thin layer of wool can insulate you on those chilly mornings while waiting to get onto the gondola, yet also provide breathability while you are working hard hiking up to Lake Chutes. Avoid cotton, as it tends to retain moisture next to your skin. Facemasks are also critical in protecting you from both the sun and the wind. Bringing a backpack with you or renting a storage locker are key to helping you shed a layer while on the slopes.

Properly Tuned Equipment – A fresh coat of wax on your skis or snowboard is critical during these warmer months of the ski season, especially if you are trying to conserve every bit of speed on those long catwalks. Stop by any tune shop in town to get some friendly advice on what work you need in order to get your equipment in prime condition.

Awareness of the Terrain – With warm weather also comes melting, so keeping an eye out for recently exposed rocks and tree features. This is very important both for your equipment and personal safety. If you are venturing outside of resort boundaries make sure to bring a beacon, probe, shovel, and the knowledge to use them. The Colorado Avalanche Information Center is your most valuable resource for up-to-date statistics about the backcountry terrain.

Good Attitude – Worried that there won’t be any snow left in May? With the 111 inches of snow we received in March and late April snowstorms, there will be no shortage of snow for all to enjoy. Plus, the higher temperatures can soften the snow, making your turns easier and your falls softer. Don’t forget, you can also enjoy Spring Fever festivities every weekend until closing day in Breckenridge.

Need to Rent or Tune Some Gear?

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