We had a very successful turnout for our Sustainable Picnic Challenge! There were 98 different groups or families who brought their own items, with 229 reusable items total! This number includes plates, bowls, knives and forks, cloth napkins, frisbees, Tupperware, bare hands, chopsticks, etc. Everyone got creative!

The winners of our Sustainable Picnic Challenge raffle were:

Robin Dew – Nalgene, bamboo cutlery set, Stasher bag
Marina Carpio – Blue Planet sunglasses, Luci solar inflatable and phone charger, thermos
Gabrielle Abell – thermos, succulent garden
Clair Anicito – Eco mess kit and thermos
Andy Carver – Blue Planet sunglasses and succulent garden
Julianna Nopson – plastic free, organic soap, shampoo and conditioner set, snake plant

Big shoutout to everyone who participated! You’re helping us reach our company wide goal of 80% waste diversion by 2030!

Speaking of waste diversion goals, thanks to everyone’s participation, check out our diversion rates from the picnic and the RAM Walk…(the animal weights are based on an average)

Picnic Diversion – 91%

– 37.5 pounds of compost (weight of a gazelle)
– 90 pounds of glass (weight of a chimpanzee)
– 44.2 pounds of recycling (aluminum cans, plastic bottles) (weight of a lynx)
– 21.1 pounds of trash (weight of a spider monkey)
– 54.8 pounds of teracycle (plates, cups, knives and forks) (weight of a female gray wolf)

RAM Diversion – 79%

– 75 pounds of compost (weight of striped hyena)
– 30 pounds of glass (weight of a wolverine)
– 780 pounds of recycling (weight of a moose)
– 250 pounds of trash (weight of a lowland gorilla)
– 57 pounds of teracycle (plates, cups, knives and forks) (weight of a Western Grey kangaroo)
– 4 pounds of scrap metal (wire hangers) (weight of a possum)
– 2 pounds of plastic bag waste (ice bags, shrink wrap, etc.) (weight of an armadillo)

A big thank you to everyone who worked the Zero Waste Stations. These amazing diversion rates would not be possible without you keeping us all in check with our waste! We look forward to challenging you all to another Sustainable Picnic Challenge next year!