Sustainable Stays is a Breckenridge Grand Vacations program designed to engage owners and guests in our company’s sustainability efforts. We believe in doing our part to minimize the impact of our operations on the surrounding alpine environment, which helps us fulfill our promise of always creating Grand vacations for you and your family, for generations to come.

In 2017, 70.5 percent of owners and guests opted into the Sustainable Stays program! While that number looks great, it begs the question: how much of an impact did that make? Well, it made around 499,124 pounds of an impact! Breckenridge Grand Vacations recycled 22,056 pounds of glass, 9,600 pounds of organics, and 467,468 pounds of other recyclable material.

The state of Colorado’s recycling average in 2017 was 21 percent. Each resort was able to beat that recycling average. Gold Point Resort had a 33 percent average, Grand Timber Lodge had a 23 percent average, the Grand Lodge on Peak 7 had a 27 percent average, and the Grand Colorado on Peak 8 had a 48 percent average.

In 2018 we aim to increase our recycling percentage by at least 5 percent, but we can’t do that without your help. We ask that you consider participating in the Sustainable Stays program during your next visit to Breckenridge.

What do you have to do to participate?
When you agree to participate in the Sustainable Stays Program, we ask you to do the following:

  • Set the thermostats in your room to a property-specific temperature during your stay.
  • Reuse your bath and pool towels.
  • Turn off all of the lights whenever you leave your room.
  • Use your reusable tote bag whenever you go shopping.
  • Use the recycling bins in your room or on property.
  • If you wish to compost your food scraps, use the compost bins available on property.

We extend our deepest gratitude to you for helping us keep Breckenridge Grand!

2017 Recycling by the Numbers


Total pounds of material recycled!


Total pounds of material Grand Colorado recycled!


Total pounds of material Grand Lodge recycled!


Total pounds of material Grand Timber recycled!


Total pounds of material Gold Point Resort recycled!