Looking to channel your inner Gordon Ramsey? Then make sure to sign up for one of the many amazing Colorado Mountain College (CMC) cooking classes. You will chop, sauté, puree and mince like a professional after a few hours in the classroom. Each class has a theme, so it is important to pick a class that gets you excited. Some of the classes offered are Wines of Napa, Comfort Foods, Pasta Favorites and Northern Italy.

My husband and I like to use these classes as not only a time to learn some new skills, but as a nice night out with friends. For $50 a person you get a multi-course dinner, recipe book, cooking experience, assistance from a private chef and some of the best memories! Classes are limited to 12 participants, so you don’t have to worry about getting lost in the shuffle.

Our favorite class we have taken was the Taste of Bangkok. We love Thai food and this was the perfect way to lean how to make our own. The class started out with an explanation of the spices used in Thai cooking, how they worked together, and where we could find them. After the brief introduction, the chef cooks you a small sample meal and you discuss the spice used and how they work together. It was a great way get familiarized with the Thai spices and get excited about cooking!

We then split into two groups. In each group you each picked an item or two that you will be making. I think it’s important to note that you personally do not cook each item on the menu, but you do get all the recipes and to taste all the items.
You then looked over your recipes, collected all the necessary ingredients and sliced, diced and measured to prepare for cooking. If you had any questions about ingredients, measurements or a technique the instructor was there to help.

You were given a time that all the food items needed to be finished by and once done cooking, you placed your finished item on a buffet table. With the two groups and multiple food items, there was enough food to feed a small army! Once everything was on the table it was time to feast. There was also wine and beer available for purchase with cash to go with your meal.
The CMC cooking classes are a great way to learn a new skill, eat some delicious food and spend quality time with family or friends. I would highly suggest taking a look at a class on your next visit to town. You just might find out something new about yourself in the process.

For more information about the classes offered and to sign up go here!

by Brittany De Graaf