1. Sunscreen and ChapStick. You are now at 9,600 feet and your skin will feel it. Show your skin love and protect it from the sun, wind and dry weather. If you want to truly pamper your skin, book a facial or body treatment at Soothe or Refresh Spa!
  2. A camera. It’s a mountain vacation and as we all know the mountains are beautiful! Make sure to also bring your battery charger. There is nothing worse than having a dead camera with you.
  3. Hiking boots. With the ample amount of trails located around Breckenridge you will want to have some boots with you. Do take time to break those in before your first venture out the door. Wear them around the house, walking the dog, or to work; whatever it take to break them in.
  4. Water bottle. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! The worst thing that can happen is getting altitude sick on your first day of vacation. It is hard to undo the damage, but much easier to prevent it. Even if you aren’t thirsty drink water and then drink more water.
  5. Layers. Mountain weather is not to be predicted. In the span of 30 minutes it can go from sunny and blue skies to cloudy and a wind storm. The second the sun goes away so does the warmth. It’s best to take after the boy scouts and always be prepared. Have that fleece or jacket with you ready to use at a moment’s notice.
  6. Sunglasses. When the sun is out it is bright! Make sure to protect those eyes while enjoying a hike or having a happy hour drink on a patio.
  7. Athletic Apparel. With the wide range of activities available you will most likely be moving at some point. Whether you are paddle boarding, hiking, rafting or power walking to the next shop on Main Street a breathable shirt will be your friend.
  8. Rain coat. It rain in the mountains. Sometimes a lot. Pretty much every afternoon. Don’t let an afternoon shower ruin your vacation. Pack your rain coats, ponchos, and umbrellas.
  9. Swimsuit. These are perfect for any Dillon Lake activities, rafting, hot tubbing, or swimming. If you happen to forget one, we suggest making a stop by Main Street to buy yourself your first souvenir of the trip.
  10. A good attitude. Vacations are fun, but they can also have their fair share of mishaps. Mountain life is about embracing the bad, enjoying the good and remembering the great!