Trail name: Old Dillon Reservoir Trail

Trail length: 1.7 miles, round trip

Trail difficulty: Easy

Elevation gain: 213 ft.

Best time to hike: May through October

Good for: Hikers of all skill levels

Dog friendly: Yes, but must be on leash

Starting trailhead: Old Dillon Reservoir

Old Dillon Reservoir is a popular, easy trail that the whole family can do- and it won’t take the whole day. The hike will lead through aspens and pines to the Old Dillon Reservoir, built in the 1930s to supply water to the original town of Dillon. The old town of Dillon is covered by the new Dillon Reservoir! Check out this short hike for a little piece of Summit County history. 

Old Dillon Reservoir Trail is located with easy access off of Dillon Dam Road, the road that connects Frisco and Dillon. If you are heading from Breckenridge, the trailhead will be on the left side of the road. The parking area is not paved but has space for approximately 20 vehicles. Given the easy access and popularity, the parking area does fill up! If you would like to ensure a space, try for early mornings, evenings, or weekdays. Near the east end of the parking area, you will see a small post that reads Old Dillon Reservoir 87- this is the start of the trail! 

The trail starts off through pines and aspens at a gradual incline- only 213 feet total in elevation gain. The trail is well-maintained and trafficked and should be suitable for hikers of any age or experience level. When you reach the fork in the trail, take a right to follow the trail to the Old Dillon Reservoir. 

As you climb higher and higher up the trail, you will see expansive views of Lake Dillon, the Tenmile Range, and the Continental Divide. At the top of the trail, you will see the Old Dillon Reservoir. Take a break at one of the benches surrounding the lake, or drop a line to fish! We hope you enjoy this quick hike and the great views it has to offer!

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