View From The Bottom

October 2023

Hello BGV Owners, 

Did you know vacations are not just about fun and leisure; they can significantly contribute to your overall well-being? Taking time off from work and/or daily responsibilities can reduce stress, improve sleep, strengthen relationships, and even boost both your physical and mental health! 

At BGV, we are committed to your well-being.  

Our family commitment to you goes beyond offering Grand vacations. We understand that life can be demanding and that daily stressors can take their toll. That is why, when you stay with us, we aspire to provide more than just accommodation; we want you to create lasting memories with loved ones, relax, and reconnect with what truly matters. 

We hope your experience extends beyond your stay in Breckenridge. We want you to leave feeling recharged both physically and mentally and that the positive effects of your vacation continue long after you return home. Studies show that taking vacations can have lasting impacts on improved cognitive functions, heart health, and mood.  

If you haven’t already, we invite you to book your next vacation with us soon. Your mental and physical well-being, along with your overall quality of life, will thank you for it! Our team is here to ensure your stay is a memorable experience. 

Warm regards,
Mike and Mike 

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