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GC8 Building 3 Update 

Exciting news for everyone in the BGV Family!

We are extremely pleased to announce that Building 3 of Grand Colorado on Peak 8 recently received its initial Certificate of Occupancy. Although we still have some work to do, this means that local governmental authorities have certified that the building complies with all applicable codes and other requirements. This puts us a giant step closer to hosting the first GC8 owner stays in Building 3. This ski season, the first phase of Building 3 will open with a new aquatics center, a public ice rink, a public café, and a full complement of skier services available.

Along with Rob Millisor, we began this journey about seven years ago. Our original vision was to build a modern mountain lodge in the Rocky Mountains. We also wanted to raise the bar in terms of slopeside architecture and interior design. Rob, in particular, had one other goal in mind. He knew that by fully realizing the enormous potential of GC8, we could continue sharing our success by supporting our local community. Not to be immodest, but we think we have succeeded on all counts.

We want to thank the large group of extremely talented and dedicated individuals who made our vision a reality. I assure you that neither of us hoisted a hammer or tightened a bolt! We watched with amazement and appreciation as the design, development, and construction teams turned a hole in the ground into the masterpiece that the Grand Colorado on Peak 8 has become. In truth, every BGV department and employee contributed to this achievement and we thank them all. Their hard work reflects the can-do attitude and spirit of excellence that defines BGV.

Although GC8 is our latest project, we are immensely proud of the entire family of BGV resorts. Our construction team continues to assist with remodeling projects at every BGV resort, in addition to building new resorts. Every day, at every property, our hard-working employees put smiles on the faces of our owners and guests by ensuring they experience Grand vacations. No matter which BGV resort(s) you call home, we hope you will join us in celebrating the upcoming opening of Building 3 of Grand Colorado on Peak 8.

Mike and Mike

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