View from the Bottom

A lot has happened since you received our last View from the Bottom back in early March. Just four weeks ago, we were looking forward to all the plans for Spring Breck. Now, we are just counting the days before we can open our doors again to you, our extended family at Breckenridge Grand Vacations. We all have had to take pause to consider what matters most during this world-wide crisis, and the health of our family, friends and our resorts have risen to the top of our lists! We love what we do, and this couldn’t be truer today than it ever has been. Right now our resorts are sitting empty, and we are even more eager for that day when we hear the “all clear” to invite you back to your home in the mountains— just know that BGV will be here when you are ready to come home.

Summer may seem like it’s months away, especially in light of the new snow, but we’re already envisioning the better days ahead as we look at all the Breckinridge amenities described in this newsletter! Please enjoy some enticing articles on activities that await you here. We are readying our teams and our resorts for your arrival.

For you, now is a perfect time to dust off those photo albums and reminisce about all the good times you’ve shared with your family at our family of resorts. The #BGVSmiles collection is growing and we love looking at all the fond memories you are sharing with us on social media. Please keep them coming!

Until that day arrives when we see your smiles in person, we hope you are all staying safe, staying healthy, and remaining positive during this challenging time. We can’t wait to welcome you home.

Mike and Mike

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