MikeThe View from the Bottom is Mike Millisor’s monthly letter to all of the stakeholders of the Breckenridge Grand Vacations family of resorts.

One of my favorite roles as one of the owners of Breckenridge Grand Vacations is welcoming new employees at our New Employee Orientation sessions.  Not only does it give me a chance to get to know the people who are joining the BGV family, but I get to introduce them to the high standards to which our company aspires.

Very soon after my brother Rob and I realized that the timeshare industry was where we wanted to invest our working lives, we also recognized that we weren’t offering people a product, we were offering them the experience of a lifetime of vacations with family and friends.  And we also knew that we wanted to do that more consciously and consistently than any other resort family out there.  So we pulled together our management team, then maybe a dozen people, and sat down to decide what the essential elements of that vision would be.

During those meetings, we came up with our vision statement – Our Family Commitment: Always Grand Vacations” – and outlined five very high and very particular standards.  These “Five Hospitality Standards” are reviewed at each job interview, studied at monthly customer service training sessions, and cards printed with them can be found everywhere from our shuttle buses to our check-in desks to my desk.  I think I even have a few floating around my house.

All of you received a copy of these standards when you purchased your vacation ownership, but in case you haven’t had a chance to read through them recently, they are:

  • Greet every guest with enthusiasm.
  • Treat all guests, vendors, employees – everyone – with respect.
  • Make every guest contact positive.
  • Take personal responsibility for creating grand vacations.
  • Anticipate guests’ needs.

I sincerely believe that the culture of service created by our employees’ efforts to maintain these standards is the primary reason for our success.  In fact, I so firmly believe in these standards that I tell those new employees, even as I welcome them into the company, that if at the end of the day of orientation into the standards and our service culture, they feel that anything they’ve heard is “hokey,” they probably ought to look for a different job with a different company, because they will not be successful, or happy, working for BGV.

“We treat everyone at our resorts like honored guests in our home.”  That statement is also printed on the card with the hospitality standards.  We mean it, we hire for it, we train for it, and we reward employees for achieving it.

When is your next Breckenridge vacation?  Whenever it is, we look forward to making it a grand one.  When you call to make your reservation, let us know what makes a vacation a grand one in your book, and we’ll do our best to make it happen.  That is our standard.

Mike Millisor