View From The Bottom

Hello from Breckenridge!

Summer is here, and Breckenridge is full of activity! It has been a beautiful start to the Summer with lots of sunshine as well as rain. Hikers are hiking, fishers are fishing, and bikers are biking. July is a great time for us to remember to appreciate this beautiful place you have here to call home.

As I mentioned in a recent newsletter, BGV wants to share our goals and successes with our owners. Triple Bottom Line- People, Planet, and Prosperity- is our focus and our measurement of success. We are fortunate to have created a company that has the ability and drive to implement sustainable practices for the benefit of not only our planet but our company and community as well.

BGV Sustainability is the peak of innovation and a leader in the hospitality industry in many ways. We have huge goals and are constantly innovating methods and programs to achieve them. Through our comprehensive waste diversion, reduction of energy consumption, and community education and outreach, we hope to preserve this place where we all live and play – owners, guests, and residents alike.

Our BGV Sustainability team is continually working to improve our programs and practices to make BGV as green as possible. Check out this video for an in-depth look at our sustainability goals. For more information, please visit BGV Sustainability. Help us reach our goals by participating in our sustainability efforts the next time you are on the property.

Enjoy your Summer, and we hope to see you in Breckenridge soon!

Mike and Mike