Top 5 Leaf Peeping Picnic Spots

Who doesn’t love a picnic enjoying the stunning views that Summit County offers? Better yet, who doesn’t love these same views filled with hues of orange and gold! This fall, grab some of your favorite snacks and beverages and head up the mountain to enjoy a beautiful fall day picnic with your family and friends in the high country.

While there are endless options for a great fall picnic, we recommend checking out one of these top 5 fall leaf peeping picnic spots.

1. Boreas Pass

Take a leisurely drive with your loved ones to the top, approximately 6-miles or pull off on one of the many spots along the way. Bring a blanket, bottle of wine (or favorite beverage) and a picnic basket full of all the goods. Enjoy the yellow-orange backdrop of the ten mile range!

Fall picnic tip: Stop by the Cheese Shop of Breckenridge on your way to Boreas Pass. They offer cheese boxes, charcuterie platters and freshly made sandwiches. While you are there, walk across Main Street Station to Continental Divide Winery to grab a bottle of wine to go. 

2. Blue River Plaza

Grab your picnic blanket and setup next to the river, in the lawn or at one of the picnic tables in the plaza area. The sound of the Blue River and the fall colors in the background, makes for the perfect fall picnic area located in the center of Breckenridge.

Fall picnic tip: Is there a better beverage than a hot apple cider to compliment the stunning fall colors? Stop at one of these six spots on Main Street before you head over to the Blue River Plaza.

3. Sapphire Point

One of the most picturesque spots in Breckenridge. Take the short hike around Sapphire Point and set up a picnic at the overlook, with Lake Dillon and the 10 mile range in the background, you will not be disappointed with this picnic view!

Fall picnic tip: On your way out of town, swing by The Crown, Duggan’s Deli, or Ridge Street Kitchen for a delicious sandwich to go. Looking for a different picnic fare? Head out on Airport Road and stop by Yo Mommas Cantina for a scrumptious taco or burrito to go. 

4. Sawmill Reservoir

Conveniently located near Grand Timber Lodge this is the perfect adventure picnic spot. The hike is 1.3 miles and opens up to Sawmill Reservoir. Lay down your picnic blanket and enjoy the reservoir surrounded by fall colors.

Fall picnic tip: Place an order to go from The Boot Saloon, located at Grand Timber Lodge, for your picnic snack! Don’t forget, all BGV Owners get 10% off at The Boot.

5. Rainbow Lakes

Take a stroll through the Aspens and enjoy a lakeside picnic with a spectacular fall backdrop. Rainbow Lake is a perfect short hike for the entire family with plenty of picnic options around the lake. Just don’t forget to bring your camera, these are sights you won’t want to forget.

Fall picnic tip: Before you out your hike, grab yourself a sweet fall treat to enjoy at the top. We recommend a homemade cinnamon roll from The Crown, churros from Mimi & Pin or any of the cookies at Mountain Top Cookie Shop. 

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